Bobby Brazier shares the three words from his dad Jeff that are the key to his success

When Bobby Brazier received the highly sought after Rising Star award at the 2023 NTAs, he credited his win to dad Jeff and told viewers, "This has very little to do with me and everything to do with [him]."

The 20-year-old, who has already carved out a wildly successful career for himself on the screen with his role as EastEnders' Freddie Slater, revealed that he grew up believing in himself and would always followed his dad's advice.

Bobby, who is also son to the late Jade Goody, admitted the best thing his dad said to him came down to three simple words – "because I can."

"My dad's motto my entire life was "because I can", he continued. "He's consistently said throughout my childhood I can do anything 'because I can'."

Now, a psychologist has exclusively revealed to OK! that this simple yet powerful phrase is what likely set Bobby up for success, and praised Jeff, 44, for promoting the importance of self believe.

"When we tell our children 'they can', we are planting a most powerful seed of self belief. The more we repeat it, the deeper it takes root and becomes ingrained in them," explains psychologist and parenting teenagers expert Angela Karanja.

"His admirable 'I can' attitude, that has been passed down from his dad, will have really helped propel Bobby to where he is now. When a child or a young person gets to that point and mindset where they know 'I can', there’s usually no stopping them.

"Without a doubt, Jeff has given his son one of the best gifts a parent or guardian can give to their children."

And as Bobby is set to take viewers by storm with his moves on Strictly Come Dancing, it certainly looks like there's no stopping him.

But these three words are something that the youngster will refer back to, Angela believes, and will be his 'anchor' for when things really start to heat up at the height of his career.

"These will be his “anchor words” words that and be in his subconscious mind. They'll likely keep him focussed and grounded," she continued.

Bobby also recently revealed what his mum would think of him taking part in the BBC dancing show, and said he's convinced that she'd be "happy" he's doing something he enjoys.

Speaking to OK! he said: "She’d be happy that I’m doing something that makes me happy. Like all my friends and all of my family, and everyone that loves me is. They’re happy for me because they know how much I’m going to enjoy myself and how happy I am to just be here."

Angela Karanja is a world renowned Psychologist and Parenting teenagers expert, best selling author and founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers.

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