Bradley Walsh pleads cant do it as fans feel sick over challenge

Bradley and Barney Walsh climb a mountain in Mexico

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Previous series have seen The Chase presenter and his son travel across the United States and Europe, and this time the intrepid pair were exploring Latin America. Barney was up to his usual tricks and trying his best to push his dad to his limit by signing them up for daunting tasks, and while some aspects of the ITV show had fans in stitches, one left them terrified as they admitted they “felt sick” watching Bradley take on the frightening Via Ferrata.

The father and son duo clung to the side of the La Tanda Mountain in the Parc National El Chico in Mexico as they scaled the huge landmark.

Determined to push his father to the extremes, Barney encouraged his dad to join him on the terrifying climb, which saw the pair using very little in terms of safety gear.

As if the ascent wasn’t bad enough, the last leg of the task required the two to swing across the mountain with no safety net.

To make matters worse, storm weather began to kick in as the two scaled the mountain.

Bradley was visibly nervous as they continued the gruelling journey.

“How are you doing?” Barney asked, to which the 62-year-old replied: “I can’t look down.”

“Of all the things we’ve done on our travels so far, do you think this is the most daunting one?” Barney asked as his dad climbed a section of the ladder attached to the mountainside.

Looking around at their surroundings, Bradley responded: “Are you taking the p***?”

“This is definitely the most challenging,” Barney agreed. “But you’re doing it.”

“What maniac drills all these holes for this?” Bradley asked as he clung to the steps on the rocks.

At 125 feet, Bradley became concerned as the rain fell. It was then that Bradley pointed out they had just the swing left.

“How about you can watch me do it and then decide, ‘Is that something I want to put myself through?'” Barney suggested.

A terrified Bradley watched on as Barney enjoyed the swing.

“I’ve now got a headache like I can’t believe,” Bradley told the cameras and his son rejoined him.

“I just don’t want to do it,” he added as his nerves increased.

As he tried to gear himself up, Bradley remarked: “I don’t know what to do Barney… I don’t know if I can do it.”

However, the next episode, which aired immediately afterwards, showed a courageous Bradley gearing up for the swing, which he ended up enjoying.

Bradley wasn’t the only one left terrified though, as fans tuned in and admitted they felt “sick” watching the spine-tingling challenge.

@DebNeedsDisney admitted: “I’d bl***y disown Barney!! Jesus Christ, this is making me feel sick! #BreakingDad.”

@MaisyMooCow shared: “Are they mad? I feel sick just watching this #BreakingDad.”

@spartacus303 remarked: “All kudos to @BradleyWalsh climbing that Mexican mountain on #breakingdad what a nightmare!”

“I actually feel sick for him…poor Bradley #BreakingDad,” @cheekygirlie penned.

@chris03561680 added: “#BreakingDad Omg I feel dizzy just watching. I would have fainted. The camera crew also deserve a medal. Fair play to all of them climbing that.”

@Dd1201Diane posted: “OMG It was bad enough going up the steps at #staffa to see the puffins, how brave is #bradleywalsh #BreakingDad #welldone #scaredofheights.” (sic)

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