Breda McQueen kills again in Hollyoaks' 'two biggest shocks of the year'

Hollyoaks is going to be a very dangerous place to live this summer as killer granny Breda McQueen (Moya Brody) is about to spiral out of control and kill again – but who dies as she potentially strikes again more than once and makes some terrifying decisions involving some of the soap’s biggest characters.

In an interview which revealed storylines first in’s brand new free soaps newsletter, Bryan warned of ‘the two biggest Hollyoaks shocks of the year’ to come, making us fear for our favourites. To get this kind of gossip earlier than everyone else, first to your inbox, sign up for the newsletter here and it will be emailed to you every Friday.

Bryan told us: ‘This summer is the summer of Breda, our cuddly serial killer – our two biggest shocks of the year tie in with this storyline as Breda is forced to make some seriously scary decisions across summer. She will take some terrible with some of our bigger characters and the twists are absolutely huge.’

Breda has already claimed a number of victims – all who she believed were bad fathers – including Louis Loveday, Mac Nightingale and Carl Costello among others. But who will she targeting next as things take a turn for the worse this summer.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom – while the cast won’t be heading to sunnier climes this year, there will still be a holiday special which sees some cast favourites head to a music festival.

Bryan smiled: ‘In breaking with tradition, we won’t be sending a bunch of our cast over to a Spanish island this year but instead, a group of characters will attend a British music festival for some joyous, real life echoing experiences with some real life and vibrancy which many of our audience should be able to relate to!’

So who is dying and who is gigging? You’ll have to wait and see.

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