'Bring the Soul' Shows BTS's Caring Reaction to Jungkook's Injury While Touring

BTS’s docu-series Bring the Soul first premiered on Aug. 27. The last episode of the series aired on Oct. 1. Each episode showed the members of BTS during their Love Yourself World Tour. The second to last episode of Bring the Soul showed a more in-depth look at how the members of BTS handled Jungkook’s injury while touring.

Jungkook injured his heel while BTS toured in London

On Oct. 9, 2018, BTS made their live debut in the UK. A few hours before the show, Big Hit Entertainment issued an announcement that Jungkook would not be able to fully perform.

“Approximately two hours ago following rehearsal and sound check, Jungkook was lightly stretching in the waiting room when he collided with floor furnishings and suffered an injury to his heel,” Big Hit Entertainment said.

The company also explained that Jungkook would stay seated for choreography.

“Medical staff immediately responded and performed the necessary treatment. The opinion of the medical team is that while the injury is not serious, performing choreography may do further damage to the injured area. Following the advice of medical staff, Jungkook will take part in the performance tonight but [will] remain seated without choreography,” read the statement.

Because of the injury, Jungkook sat out of choreography for multiple concert dates in Europe. Fans of BTS know the injury was mentally hard on Jungkook. The singer often broke down in tears while onstage, and even in 2019 he apologized to fans for being injured the previous year. While performing, the members of BTS always tried to help Jungkook feel included and interacted with him to try and cheer him up.

‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ showed a behind-the-scenes look at Jungkook’s injury

Bring the Soul: The Movie gave fans an intense look at what it’s like when BTS tours. Some fans appreciated BTS showing their hardships, while others felt the movie was an invasion of privacy for the artists. When the documentary showed Jungkook’s injury, it was definitely hard to watch the singer in pain.

The scenes that showed Jungkook’s injury showed just how much BTS functions as a unit. When deciding what to do, the members of BTS circled around a table with staff while Jungkook laid down on the floor. Each member voiced their opinion on what they should do for the show while making Jungkook’s safety and health a priority.

The documentary also showed how much the members care for each other. RM’s first thought was Jungkook’s mental state because he knows how much Jungkook loves to perform. Suga logically reassured Jungkook the injury was not his fault and that there would be other shows. While Jungkook was treated for his injury, Jimin provided emotional support and stood close by.

The docu-series expands on what ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ showed

The material in Bring the Soul expands on the footage fans saw in Bring the Soul: The Movie. The docu-series showed that after Jungkook injured his heel, Manager Sejin gave Jungkook a piggyback ride since the singer could not walk.

“I’m still not over the way Manager Sejin carried Jungkook because of his foot injury and was comforting Jungkook by telling him stitches won’t hurt because Kookie was scared,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Bring the Soul’ also showed how protective the BTS members are of Jungkook

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. Even though he is considered the “golden maknae,” the members of BTS are protective of their youngest member. Bring the Soul revealed Jimin ran to check on Jungkook when he heard about the injury.

“jimin ran to check on jungkook bc he was worried he would be crying bc of his injury :(,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

The docu-series also showed Jin looking for Jungkook after learning about his injury. Just from the small clip, fans picked up on how concerned Jin was about Jungkook.

“Jin is so freaking scary that staff jumps back & Hobi looks sheepish,hell even Jk injured & trying to smile his bunny smile to calm him…no one will mess with his donsaengs,” a fan tweeted.

Some fans are not happy with the content shown in ‘Bring the Soul’

After Bring the Soul: The Movie came out, some BTS fans were not happy at how much pain the members were in while touring. Back in 2018, several BTS fans tweeted their disappointment at how strenuous BTS’s schedule was. When Bring the Soul came out, some fans were not happy with how much of BTS’s content shows Jungkook’s heel injury.

“please bh i don’t want to watch more content of jungkook when he injured his heel it’s so sad i’m really sad it hurts so much,” one fan tweeted.

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