Britney Spears posts 'silly selfie' after therapy session and claims she accused dad of 'controlling her'

BRITNEY Spears has shared a "silly" video of her pulling funny faces after having therapy sessions.

The 37-year-old singer has decided not to take herself "too serious" and shared her funny side with a clip of her pulling different expressions in her latest post.

The Toxic hitmaker captioned her Instagram footage: "After therapy and being too serious it’s so nice to be silly !!!!!"

The post saw Britney stick out her tongue, wink and pout at the camera.

Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, flocked to the online platform to support his girlfriend.

He commented: "Inspiring people to be themselves rather than trying to get others approval #humble."

The post comes shortly after the singer claimed she was silenced and threatened by her team during her public breakdown in a newly revealed letter in an attempt to tell her side of the story.

Britney believed she was “lied to and set up” by the people allegedly “controlling her life” at the height of her troubles in 2008.

Accusations were made in a letter which was reportedly penned by Britney – written in the third person – in 2008 after she lost custody of her two sons, which was published by the Mail Online.

In the note, Britney admits she did spiral out of control after her kids were taken away following the breakdown of her marriage to Kevin Federline.

She was put on psychiatric hold in January 2008 after locking herself in the bathroom and refusing to hand over her youngest son Jayden, then aged one.

Fresh concerns about Britney’s well-being arose after she checked into a mental health ­facility for 30 days when she she stopped taking her ­medication, which came shortly after she postponed rehearsals for her Vegas residency following her dad Jamie's illness.

Britney told a court that Jamie had forced her into the unit in March and tried to make her take tablets against her will.

As part of Britney’s conservatorship, which was granted in 2008, Jamie has full control over her affairs, but the ruling does not give him power to put Britney in a facility or medicate her without consent.

Britney's mum, Lynne, is now attempting to amend the conservatorship so she can take back some ­control for Britney.

After listening to Britney and both of her parents speak in the unusual LA court appearance earlier this month, Judge Brenda Penny ordered an expert evaluation of the musician's situation, including her finances, medical dealings and personal life.

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