Call The Midwife hits back at claims 'outdated and inaccurate' BBC scenes 'should come with a health warning' | The Sun

A CALL The Midwife spokesperson has hit back at claims that the show's childbirth scenes are 'outdated, inaccurate and should come with a health warning'.

The broadcaster has responded to experts who warned that their depictions could 'lead to misinterpretations of correct practice by the public'.

A team of medical professors and scientists from King's College London and the University of Liverpool examined 87 births shown in 48 episodes of three popular UK fictional and reality TV shows, including BBC's Call The Midwife, This Is Going To Hurt and Channel 4's One Born Every Minute.

They discovered that most birth scenes showed modern updates to labour care, in line with guidelines by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

However, the research unearthed that a third of the time, depictions of midwives and doctors clamping the umbilical cord during births were inaccurate or dramatised. 

Now, the experts have called for safety alerts to be shown before episodes air so that future parents are reminded that TV doesn't always reflect reality.

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In response to the findings, a representative from Call The Midwife said: "Call The Midwife is a drama, not a documentary, and is set half a century ago.

"It is highly accurate to the period it depicts and shows how childbirth has changed radically over the years."

The first ever episode of Call The Midwife aired on BBC One in 2012, with series 12 airing earlier this year.

The time period drama set in the 1950s and 1960s follows a group of nurse midwives working in an East London maternity unit.

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Since its first series, the BBC show has earned critical acclaim and has won National Television and TV Choice Awards.

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