Carla devastated by news from the police in Corrie

Carla Connor (Alison King) found herself at a dead end after receiving the results of her LSD test in Coronation Street.

The clinic confirmed to Carla that she does have LSD in her system as she suspected, which prompted her to try and work out who was responsible for drugging her.

Initially, Carla went through some dates in her diary and tried to find proof that it was Rufus. She wasn’t able to, so she headed to work at the factory to distract herself.

When she was there, Michael (Ryan Russell) popped into the office with a cup of tea.

After making it incorrectly, Michael pointed out that it’s usually Stephen (Todd Boyce) or Sarah (Tina O’Brien) who make it for her.

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Knowing Sarah wouldn’t drug her, Carla reached the conclusion it must’ve been Stephen.

Carla immediately confronted him in front of Sarah and Michael, but Stephen was able to shut her claims down because of how ludicrous they sounded.

With that, Carla made her way over to the station and spoke to DS Swain (Vicky Myers). She was then left incredibly frustrated as Swain explained without any physical proof, they can’t really look into what Carla is saying.

Swain then returned to the cobbles to pay Carla a visit. She explained that the police are looking into Stephen, and it would be safer if she stayed well away from him.

Carla’s main concern was telling Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), given that she’s planning on moving to Thailand with him, but Swain told her to sit tight and wait.

But while Swain spoke to Carla about the police catching Stephen, neither had any idea he was listening.

The foundations now in place, Stephen will spend next week trying to escape England for a new life abroad before the police find him.

But will he be successful?

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