Casa Amor back sooner than expected as 12 new Islanders rip couples apart

The Love Island couples don't know what is about to hit them as Casa Amor is back next week.

The infamous second villa, which has led to untold amounts of drama over the last two years, is back to test how strong the relationships really are.

There were fears that Casa Amor would be axed for this series, but fans will be delighted to hear that there will be a rival villa once again.

Half of the Islanders, which have previously always been the boys, will be packed off for a holiday within a holiday.

And to make things even better, a whopping 12 new Islanders will be jetting off to Majorca as part of the massive shake-up, according to The Sun .

It will be the first time that power couple Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard have been separated since the first day in the villa.

Many fans have speculated that their relationship may not be as strong as is being shown.

So it will be a great opportunity to see whether they are actually the real deal.

The arrival of new girl Arabella has already got Amy on edge, so how will she cope with Curtis being alone with some sexy singletons?

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In previous years, the boys have snuck off early in the morning to the second villa without being able to say goodbye.

They then get acquainted with their new surrounding – and in 2016 they loved having a swing on the 'dusting bench'.

They are swiftly join by a host of lovely new single girls, who try to pry them away from the original ladies.

Meanwhile, the girls in the main villa meet some hunky new lads trying to earn a place on the show.

After a few days of drama there is usually a dramatic recoupling where the original boys and girls have to stick or twist.

Love Island have not confirmed exactly when Casa Amor will return.

Things got very awkward last year when Jack FIncham's ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones turned up.

Dani Dyer was left in tears when she saw pictures of her boyfriend cosying up to his ex.

And Georgia Steel got a shock when she stayed loyal to Josh Denzel, but he returned to the main villa with newbie Kaz Crossley.

It remains to be seen what action will play out in Casa Amor this year.

But with a few couples on the ropes, there could be some heads making 360, or should that be 540, degree turns.

Which couples will stay loyal after Casa Amor?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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