Celebrity MasterChef fans label quarter-finalist absolute fraud

Celebrity MasterChef: Locksmith makes it to the next round

DJ Locksmith made it through to the quarter-finals on Thursday’s Celebrity MasterChef, but some fans fumed he was “a fraud”.

The latest instalment of the BBC favourite saw Sam Fox booted out of the show, but while Locksmith had impressed judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace throughout the episode, some viewers weren’t convinced.

Following the announcement that Wynne Evans, Jamelia and Locksmith had made it through, some fans were quick to point out Locksmith had made claims that he’d never cooked, which they thought seemed unlikely.

Twitter user @Sabine_Figaro penned: “Man, #Locksmith is such an absolute blagger.

“Constantly going on and on and on about how he’s never cooked before, never made any of the things he’s cooking … Yet everything he does is near perfect. Impossible. Absolute fraud #CelebrityMasterChef.”

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@83VickiB added: “So Locksmith is going to pretend to not know what an oven is in the next episode #CelebrityMasterChef.”

@moggsy73 asked: “Anyone else think Locksmith might be fibbing about never having cooked before…? #CelebrityMasterChef.”

Commenting on Locksmith struggling with this week’s cooking tasks, @Ariadne_Reviews shared: “Jamelia getting rave reviews and having people asking if they can meet the chef and then immediately cutting to Locksmith serving choking hazards and Wynne being traumatised by the order printer! celebritymasterchef.”

“Wynne and Locksmith are in hell #CelebrityMasterChef,” @pavarottishighc commented.

@kirv96 added: “Jamelia losing her s*** with Locksmith is cracking me up #CelebrityMasterChef.”

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After finding out he’d made it through, Locksmith remarked: “You’ve probably seen the best of me, I’ve probably peaked.”

He continued: “But who cares? I’m a quarterfinalist!”

Locksmith isn’t the only one accused of “fibbing” about his culinary talents on the show.

Fans also fumed that The Wanted star Max Geroge had “lied” about never having cooked before.

He’d previously stated he didn’t have any experience with cooking but went on to create some ambitious dishes which were praised by the judges.

He later admitted on ITV’s Lorraine he cooked regularly, stating: “I think I was one of the later additions and on the questionnaire, it said I had to have cooked a certain amount of times a week. So I said I cooked at least four nights a week at home.”

MasterChef continues on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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