Charlie Stayt squirms over Matt Tebbut ‘euphemism’ remark

Matt Tebbutt makes a cheeky remark about Charlie Stayt’s flapjack

BBC Breakfast presenter Charlie Stayt appeared to be lost for words during a handover link with chef and Saturday Kitchen Live! host Matt Tebbutt.

What started out as a fairly innocent exchanged rapidly spiralled into the gutter after Charlie asked the cook: “Do you know what happened this morning, Matt?”

The broadcaster then explained: “Rachel shared her flapjack with me, what do you think about that?”

Matt asked him: “Is that right?” Adding: “A bit of breaking news indeed. Is it a flapjack? Is this a euphemism?”

Charlie looked rather embarrassed as he hit back: “That’s such a weird direction to go in.” While stand-in host Rachel Burden said: “It was a flapjack.”

Broadcaster Charlie hastily clarified: “It was a flapjack, it was just a flapjack.”

Rachel tried to bring it back to the snack: “It was a gooey, delicious flapjack and it was very generous of me to give him half.”

Matt said: “Well done you, well done you. And did you enjoy it Charlie?”

Broadcaster Charlie said: “Yes, yes, I did. I did the enjoy the flapjack. It was just a flapjack.”

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He then tried to change the course of the conversation: “Are you making flapjacks on the programme today?”

Matt said: “No, no we’re not. Your voice was going different. It was like, ‘It was okay.’”

But the flapjack chat continued as Charlie said he could tell Matte “more” if he was really interested.

Rachel, who was standing in for regular host Naga Munchetty, told Charlie: “I wish I’d never given it to you now.”

Charlie went on to say how the flapjack was “homemade” in the BBC kitchens in Salford.

Matt said: “Is that right? That’s good to know. I’m quite surprised. There are all sorts of health and safety issues with that, I would have thought.”

Rachel was regretting Charlie’s flapjack confession and told the pair of them: “I didn’t make it, this is taking a strange turn.”

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