Chris Hughes admits he wanted kids with Jesy Nelson in brave BBC documentary

Chris Hughes bravely opened up about his fears he may not be able to have biological children of his own in his documentary Me, My Brother and Our Balls.

The Love Island star spoke frankly about living with varicocele.

Varicocele is when one or more veins cover a testicle.

Because the veins pump blood away from the testicles they can cause them to overheat, which can cause fertility issues.

Speaking on the documentary which was filmed earlier this year, Chris said: "I want a family, I want to have a child so everything to dow with my testicles has become hasn't improved.

Meanwhile, Jesy, who split with Chris in April after 16 months together, insisted regardless of whether Chris can have children or not, she loves him.

The X Factor singer said: "I just want to be with Chris for the rest of my life… he is the one who makes me happy.

"Whether we have kids or not it wont affect anything.

"All I can do is be there for him as someone who loves him and hopefully he will be alright."

Chris' mother Valerie added: "What I find quite warming is the fact the boys both have lovely girlfriends.

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"They're so supportive and are going to support the boys all the way through their journey. I can see that."

Luckily for Chris, things were positive on the health front.

Speaking on the phone his doctor said: "I am really pleased it say that the sperm count has not only increased and the quality of the sperm has also increased."

Ringing up Jesy to tell her the good news, Chris admitted he hopes to have three or four children one day.

Opening up about Chris' fear of not being able to start a family of his own, Jesy said: "Chris is a very confident person but he does worry a lot as well.

"He gets a lot of anxiety, he stresses a lot about a lot of things and I do think this is one thing that plays on his mind quite a lot," said Jesy.

"The thought of the fact that he might be infertile does play on his mind a lot.

"I think that would worry a lot of men, I think especially for Chris because he wants to have kids, I know he does."

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