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WHEN it comes to Christmas there are certain must haves and watching a film while cosying on the sofa is one of them.

But its not always easy viewing when there are glaringly obvious blunders – but did you spot them in Love Actually, Home Alone, Die Hard and The Grinch?


Its been 20 years since the iconic rom-com graced our screens. And while it's a definite go to for Christmas film choices, there's one obvious blunder that viewers can't seem to ignore – Hugh Grant's tie change.

In one scene Hugh, 62, is wearing a patterned tie but changes to a plain navy tie during the same scene.

And in another scene fans spotted that there were no pillows on Emma Thompson's bed.

One wrote: "Emma Thompson. There's no pillows on the bed in the scene where she cries after not getting the necklace."

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Actor Jim Carey, 60, famed for his animated performances, couldn't have been better suited to this role if he tried.

By his own admission Jim states that he's a perfectionist as he's "never satisfied." So he must be annually tearing his hair out if he too sits down to watch this blunder.

One Tik Tok user spotted that The Grinch's eyes changed colour.

In one scene, as he's causing mayhem in Whoville, his eyes changed from amber to brown.

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The Tik Tok user said: "Every time I watch the Grinch I notice this one little mistake they made whether they forgot to either put his contacts in or to edit them in afterwards."

They added: "So just Jim Carrey’s brown eyes are just there. And in the next scene, they’re back to that.”


This has got to be the most iconic Christmas film of all time.

Macaulay Culkin, 42, played Kevin McCallister, an eight year old boy who is left home alone by his family, who forget to take him on their Christmas holiday.

According to film boffs there are a number of mishaps in the film. But one which stood out was when Kevin ran into a neighbour's house whose basement was flooded, leaving him soaking. But during the same scene, Kevin's clothes are dry. Oops


This isn't perhaps your typical Christmas movie but its one that will keep you glued to your screens over the festive period.

And while you can become immersed in the action packed thriller, Die Hard fans have spotted a blunder they now can't un-see.

In one scene Bruce Willis, 67, strangled and killed baddie Karl Vreski.

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But within minutes, as Bruce is reloading his weapon, fans spot Karl in the background – isn't he meant to dead?

Schoolboy error!

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