Coronation Street exit: Why has Rebecca Ryan left as Lydia Chambers?

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Rebecca joined the cast of Coronation Street late last year, playing the character of Lydia who turned out to be a past love interest of Adam Barlow’s (played by Sam Robertson) who had an axe to grind. Over the past few months, viewers of the ITV soap have watched as she has slowly destroyed her ex-boyfriend’s marriage to Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) as the troublemaker truly believed the latter needed saving from her spouse. However, the storyline came to an end this week and this means for the foreseeable future, Lydia will not be seen on-screen, therefore meaning Rebecca will no longer be a cast member of the weeknight serial drama.

Why has Rebecca Ryan left Coronation Street as Lydia Chambers?

It was always known Rebecca was only joining the cast for this specific storyline, with a clear beginning and end mapped out by the writers.

This has happened with quite a few characters in recent years, including Grace Vickers (Kate Spencer) and Curtis Delamere (Sam Retford), to name but a few.

The actress’s character has featured in 37 episodes since she first arrived on the cobbles in early December as part of a three-month plot.

As it was explained Rebecca’s inclusion was a part of Adam and Sarah’s journey for a short time, this does not mean the soap star quit her role.

In fact, the actress has spoken of her admiration for her co-stars and the team behind one of the country’s most beloved programmes.

Discussing her exit from the show this week, Rebecca said: “I really have had the best time.

“When you find out you have a job on Coronation Street, it’s daunting. It’s an iconic show, it’s not just any show especially when you come from Manchester.

“I don’t tend to get very nervous when I do things and act but I was so nervous in my first week. This is Coronation Street, it’s a big deal.

“But the cast and crew put me at ease and made me instantly comfortable, they’re amazing and it was such a lovely experience,” she told

The door has been firmly left open for the former Waterloo Road star to make a comeback in the future as she was not killed off.

Really have had the best time

Rebecca Ryan

How did Rebecca Ryan leave Coronation Street as Lydia Chambers?

Lydia’s exit came at the end of a very dramatic ordeal with her ex-boyfriend, Adam, who finally discovered why the troublemaker hated him so much.

In scenes airing on Monday night, the pair had a very candid discussion about their past, although the lawyer didn’t remember everything.

It turned out they were together for six months, in which time Lydia fell pregnant with Adam’s child but got an abortion as he left her for another woman.

This was a pain she harboured for years and when she saw her former lover on the cobbles in a loving relationship with Sarah, she knew she wanted to get payback.

After realising the damage he had done, Adam tried to get his ex-girlfriend to listen to him but she ended up pushing him over a balcony.

In Wednesday night’s episode, Adam’s loved ones gathered together as they learnt he was not brain-damaged but was at risk of losing his sight.

Sarah didn’t know whether to be by her husband’s side or not as she was so confused over whether to believe Lydia’s lies.

Following another heart to heart with his former love interest, Adam told Sarah the truth about how much he had hurt Lydia.

The Underworld Factory boss also had a conversation with her love rival in which try troublemaker admitted she had made everything up about the affair to ruin the couple’s marriage.

Wanting her friend turned enemy arrested for trying to kill Adam, Sarah was happy to see her get prison time for her crimes.

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However, knowing he needed to give Lydia a second chance, Adam went to the police and told him he fell off the balcony accidentally, stating he was not pushed.

This meant Lydia was out of the frame and was allowed to walk free to begin a new chapter of her life with her young son.

The troublemaker and her ex-boyfriend parted n civil terms and the last time viewers saw Lydia, she was walking away from the police station.

In the coming weeks and months, it seems Adam and Sarah are going to have to work on the challenges which have arisen in their relationship.

With or without Lydia, they could find out they are not compatible but only time will tell if they will get their happy-ever-after.

Taking to Twitter, viewers have reacted to Lydia’s final scenes, with Charlotte writing: “Also what the f**k is this Lydia storyline? So she came, told a pack of lies then left? #corrie.”

Michelle posted: “So happy Adam and Sarah finally got a happy ending and see you Lydia #Corrie x.”

Callum commented on the social media platform: “#Corrie So…is that it with the Lydia storyline? Well, that sucked.”

“#Corrie at least Lydia came clean so they can all go back to normal now?” Olly remarked.

Mike shared: “I have a sneaky feeling @RebeccaRyan1 will be back as Lydia and reveal her little lad is Adam’s… #Corrie.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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