Coronation Street fans convinced twisted new Cobbles villain Gary Windass will have sex with Rick's wife after he murders him in final act of revenge

CORONATION Street fans are convinced Gary Windass will have sex with Rick's wife after murdering him.

Viewers think a more twisted ending to their conflict is on the horizon after spotting Rick's family in a photograph in last night's episode.

The gangster (Greg Wood) will be taken out by Gary (Mikey North) as one person wrote on Digital Spy's forum: "It's almost guaranteed Gary will kill him.

"Also, I noticed some photos on Rick's desk of a woman and child, likely his wife and kid, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if the woman in the photo turned up in the near future looking for 'missing' Rick and in ridiculous soap cliché fashion, ends up sleeping with Gary."

Another person typed: "Well we know there is going to be fight between them and if Gary is not going to be killed off then I think he might overpower Rick and accidentally kill him instead and then bury him in that grave that was already dug up for when he was going go kill Gary"

And one more wrote: "The end of the episode couldn't sign post it anymore clear."

Gary – played by actor Mikey North in the ITV soap – was tricked by Rick into meeting him in the woods after telling him he had ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt held hostage.

He rushed in to save Sarah but was surprised by finding a shallow grave.

Rick then appeared behind him with a shovel and attacked him, telling him: "Scrotes like you don't deserve oxygen. This is it Windass, you're done."

Shouting about his intentions to murder Gary for grassing him up and trying to get him sent to prison for his many crimes, Gary struggled to breathe.

In the closing moments of the episode Gary was being strangled and he reached out to grab a stone – and fans are convinced he's going to use it to kill Rick.

One wrote: "Bet Gary murders Rick and becomes the new Phelan #Corrie"

A second said: "Well we all know Gary isn't going to die Bc then there would be no point in making him the new villain. So I'm guessing that he kills Rick! #Corrie"

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Another added: "Gary's so going to kill him! #coronationstreet#

After causing Rana Habeeb's death in the factory collapse, this death would make Gary the cobbles' newest serial killer after his nemesis Pat Phelan died at the hands of his mum last year.

It will be the second death he is responsible for after it was unveiled on Friday night that he was the person behind the factory collapse, which killed Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia).

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