Coronation Street spoilers tease Kellys sentencing as evil Corey gets promoted

Kelly Neelan has been going through a tough time of it on Coronation Street, ever since Corey Brent managed to get off scot-free for Seb Franklin’s murder.

Kelly, meanwhile, received a crushing guilty verdict and was sent back to jail, where she tragically attempted suicide.

It comes after Nina Lucas’ memories revealed that Kelly had actually tried to stop Corey during the hate crime attack – and even attempted to pull him off Seb.

But things are set to get even more difficult next week, as Corrie spoilers have revealed that her sentencing proves a ‘smack in the face’.

On Wednesday, it’s finally the day of Kelly’s sentencing.

An impassioned Imran delivers his speech in court, and begs the judge to consider the youngster’s troubled upbringing and fragile mental health after her suicide attempt.

But will they take that into account?

Meanwhile, Kevin is furious to see Corey’s lawyer Sabeen in the court lobby, and fumes at her for getting Corey off scot-free.

And for Corey, things just keep looking up.

The Corrie villain is set to receive a promotion in his football career, with Jack revealing to Kevin that he has been promoted to Weatherfield County’s first team and put on the bench for their next match.

Jack’s dad Kevin realises this is yet another blow for Abi, and decides to fight for justice to ensure the villain’s life doesn’t carry on unaffected.

Furious that Corey’s anonymity from the trial remains protected, Kevin, Nina and Asha agree that his County teammates should be made aware of the truth about who they’re playing with.

Kevin begs James to have a discreet word with the County manager as the team should know they have a murderer on their side, but when he refuses, Kevin resolves to have a word himself.

Tim offers to accompany him, and Kevin convinces himself that getting Corey thrown off the team might just bring Abi back home to him.

Meanwhile, as Nina prepares to head to college for a fashion course, Roy is steeling himself to break the news of the latest update on Corey.

Later in the week, Kevin and Tim accost County’s manager outside the ground, but Bob is quick to remind them that Corey was acquitted in a court of law.

That’s when Corey’s dad Stefan decides to get involved; having learned of Kevin’s attempts to wreck Corey’s reputation, he calls in at the garage to warn the mechanic off.

Seeing the strain his friend is under, Tim urges him to forget about bringing justice for Abi and instead focus on raising Jack.

Tim informs Nina that Kevin is a broken man and urges her to step down for the sake of everyone’s sanity – but is Nina ready to abandon the fight for justice?

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