Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen announces she wants to stay in prison – where she's safe from abusive Geoff Metcalfe

YASMEEN Metcalfe announces she wants to stay in prison where her abuser Geoff Metcalfe can’t reach her next week in Coronation Street.

The Speed Daal owner is currently awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her abuser Geoff Metcalfe in the ITV soap.

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Viewers know that Geoff had been controlling and starving Yasmeen for months, slowly eroding her confidence and self-worth.

And after starving her for days and forcing her to wear a prostitute's clothes he’d been sleeping with, Geoff went off on a cruel rant and threatened to kill her with a knife.

It was then that Yasmeen slashed him in the neck with a broken bottle in self-defence, leading to her arrest and attempted murder charge back in May.

Geoff left Yasmeen to rot in prison for months, convincing everyone that he was the victim.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel earlier this month when Sally stole his laptop and recovered the CCTV footage of his final argument with Yasmeen after Tim started to doubt his dad’s innocence.

Tim then finally turned against his dad and reported him to the police – and handed in the incriminating footage. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Alya worry when Yasmeen admits that she’s dreading the trial.

When Yasmeen admits that she feels safer in prison where Geoff can’t reach her, and would rather not leave, Alya is left despairing. 

Will Alya be able to talk some sense into her grandmother?

And will Yasmeen be freed from prison?

Evil Geoff might still be causing havoc on the cobbles after the police let him go despite the video of him abusing Yasmeen.

But speaking to Inside Soap, actor Ian Bartholomew hinted that comeuppance could be getting closer for his character.

The actor revealed: "Now that Tim is in the picture, I think we have to view this as the beginning of the end for Geoff.

"The more out of control he feels, the less in control he behaves – and I don't think it will end well, whatever happens.

"We love to hate a baddie, and see someone like Geoff get his comeuppance, so I suspect that he will.

"Let's be honest – Geoff is going to get it!”

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