Coronation Street viewers predict Damon Hay return after spotting Adams clue

Coronation Street fans are sure criminal Damon Hay will be back on the cobbles very soon as Adam Barlow plans a gender reveal party for Sarah Platt.

In tonight’s episode, Adam was relieved when he read a letter from the clinic with the paternity test results that confirmed he is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Adam then said he would plan a gender reveal “party to remember” leaving viewers wondering if he was being genuine, or had something else planned – including Damon's return.

The paternity of Sarah’s baby has been something the viewers are desperate to find out ever since she discovered her pregnancy. Sarah had been having an affair with Damon behind the back of her husband Adam – and it was all revealed in a very dramatic fashion.

While Adam rejoiced at being the ‘real’ father in this episode, what he isn’t aware of is that cobbles killer Stephen Reid, has tampered with the results letter.

When Sarah threw away her first set of results, he fished them out of the bin, and then shredded the second paternity letter. When Adam requested a letter from the clinic to make sure Sarah wasn’t lying about him being the father, Stephen intercepted it.

He then forged another letter to confirm Adam was the father before delivering it himself.

Adam was overjoyed when he read the results and assured Sarah they can get back on track. Meanwhile, she received lots of missed calls from Damon who’s obviously desperate to get in touch.

Damon was forced to leave the street when Adam sought out one of his old acquaintances in the hopes of teaching Damon a lesson or two.

With criminals after him, Damon fled, but not before leaving Sarah a word of warhing. He said in the message: "Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what Adam is capable of.

"Take care Sarah and mind yourself with him."

Viewers took to Twitter to air their frustration about the paternity storyline.

One reported: "Obviously Damon is gonna come back into corrie #Corrie #CatchUp."

One said: “Stephen altered the paternity results I hope this baby storyline doesn’t drag on. Adam needs to find out that Damon is the father ASAP"

Another commented: "I'm 99.9% convinced that Damon's the father of Sarah-Lou's baby. And that Adam's going to pretend it's his, the surprise gender reveal that he's planning will probably be a balloon that'll pop and say "Damon's baby!" #Corrie #CoronationStreet."

The third wondered about Stephen’s motives: “Uncle Steve gonna blackmail Sarah now she’s poured scorn on his fraudulent helping hand.”

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