Coronation Street’s Ali risks child death drama in drug-fuelled blaze

Coronation Street's Ali Neeson is set to mess things up completely next week.

The character, played by actor James Burrows, has been struggling to cope after developing a drug addiction.

Ali continues his downward spiral in future episodes as he will nearly put Liam Connor Jr in danger.

Ali’s addiction causes a potentially fatal situation as he falls asleep at Maria Connor’s flat when he’s supposed to be looking after little Liam.

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The careless character forgets about a pizza cooking in the oven.

Maria’s smoke alarm goes off which prompts the worried mum to race upstairs along with Gary Windass, Ryan Connor and Emma Brooker.

As the group discover Ali’s brutal mishap, a dramatic scene is set to occur.

Despite the cause of the alarm being a burnt pizza, Maria is led to wonder what on earth is going on with her spaced-out boyfriend.

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Ryan can tell Ali is struggling with drowsiness as a result of the pills.

In another dramatic turn of events, Maria will actually get dumped by Ali as they clash over the accident.

She obviously reacts badly to her son being put into such danger and sends Ali away from her home.

Maria apologises for overreacting, but Ali will suddenly declare that their relationship is on the rocks.

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She hopes they can still work things out when going to see her boyfriend later on, but Ali’s pill-taking has caused him to behave erratically.

He breaks Maria’s heart and tells her he doesn’t love her.

Corrie star James Burrows has opened up about character’s dark storyline in the past.

Leading up to the episodes where Ali became addicted to diazepam, James told Digital Spy last month: "He doesn’t have a lot of people he can trust.

"The flashbacks are making him anxious and he needs to relax to try and get through every day, so he starts taking different tablets to try and cope with his demons and to be able to do his job."

Corrie continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.

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