Corrie affair rumbled for Billy and ex ahead of Pauls heartbreaking death

Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew could be set to have a shock affair with one of his exes, AI has claimed.

The character, played by Daniel Brocklebank, has faced heartache in recent months amid his husband Paul Foreman’s battle with motor neurone disease. Fans will recall Paul (Peter Ash) was diagnosed with MND earlier this year.

Due to the fact that there is no cure, Paul's demise is imminent – which has left his family and his fellow residents heartbroken. Paul has since been on a mission to make the most of our what little time he has left.

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In emotional scenes aired last month Billy and Paul tied the knot. Paul has also planned his funeral, with the help of Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), Billy’s ex.

However, in a shock twist, and with Paul’s sad death around the corner, it’s been claimed Billy could cheat on Paul. And to make jaws drop even more, it could be with an ex.

Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI to see if Billy could cheat on Paul. The program responded: “It is possible that Billy could have an affair and cheat on Paul.”

Bard AI explained: “Some people may argue that it is not possible for Billy to cheat on Paul, especially given Paul's terminal illness. They may argue that Billy loves Paul too much, and that he would never do anything to hurt him.”

The system went on: “Others may argue that it is understandable if Billy were to cheat on Paul. They may say that Billy is under a lot of stress and pressure, and that he may be looking for comfort in someone else's arms.”

What’s more, Bard AI then claimed that Billy could end up in bed with none other than ex-Todd. The program said: “Todd is a master manipulator, and he could easily exploit Billy's vulnerabilities to get what he wants.

“He may tell Billy that he is the only one who can understand what he is going through. And that he can offer him the comfort and support that Paul cannot.”

Bard AI then listed “possible reasons” why Billy might have an affair. The first one is that he “is feeling overwhelmed and stressed by Paul's illness.”

The program said: “Billy loves Paul deeply, but caring for someone with a terminal illness can be extremely challenging. He may feel like he is not doing enough, or that he is not strong enough to cope.”

Have you joined Threads? Follow Daily Star to keep up to date on all things showbiz here.Bard AI then claimed Billy feeling “lonely and isolated” might play a factor in his infidelity. The system added: “Paul's illness may mean that he is spending less time with Billy, and that Billy is spending more time alone. This could lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, which could make Billy more vulnerable to temptation.”

However, the system did note that Billy might not cheat on Paul. It explained: “Despite their problems, Billy still loves Paul deeply. He has committed to staying by Paul's side through thick and thin, and he may not be willing to betray him, especially now that he is ill.”

The program also pointed out Billy’s faith. It said: “Billy is a man of faith, and he may feel that cheating is wrong. He may also be concerned about the impact that an affair would have on his relationship with Paul and with the community.”

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