Corrie fans gasp as character is ‘killed’ off-screen in chilling scenes

Coronation Street fans were left gasping at their TV screens on Wednesday (April 12) after a character seemed to be murdered off-screen.

It was recently reported that serial killer Stephen is to strike again on the cobbles – having already murdered two people.

And in the soap’s latest episode, it appears Stephen has killed yet again after the show teased another shocking death – although fans did not see it air.

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As viewers know, Stephen is being blackmailed by dodgy businessman Rufus who is aware of Stephen drugging Carla with LSD.

And in the latest episode, Rufus was enjoying a drink at snazzy home when there suddenly a knock at the door.

He went to answer the door and looked stunned to see who it was on the other side -only for him to vanish moments later.

Viewers then saw Michael Bailey attend his home but there was no answer – seemingly confirming Rufus was already dead.

And it didn’t take long for viewers to share their horror at the potential murder, with one writing: “It's so obvious that Stephen has killed Rufus, or most likely anyway. When's it going to stop?! That'll be 3 victims now.”

A second added: “Stephen has obviously paid Rufus a visit and Michael could find a body!”

Someone else mused: “What if they had a fight and rufus killed stephen here's hoping.”

“Looks like Stephen may have claimed his 3rd victim and that now makes him an official Corrie serial killer!” proclaimed a fourth person.

Earlier on in the episode, Michael realised he deserved better than his current job working for Stephen at the factory and told him to stick his job, revealing he was off to work with Rufus in London.

And when he arrived at Rufus' home for a meeting, the businessman was nowhere to be found.

As he knocked on the door, he seemed puzzled by the loud music that was playing inside and was forced to leave a voicemail instead.

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