Corrie star looks totally different to Asha as she dresses up for night out

Coronation Street star Tanisha Gorey is missing the world of glam nights out in a new social media post.

The actress, who plays Asha Alahan in the soap, uploaded two selfies on her Instagram wearing a long, brown dress in what looks like a hotel room.

‘I need somewhere to wear this dress again!’, she captioned the post.

The night in question was the RTS Awards, which happened at the end of March.

Tanisha was joined by Mollie Gallagher (Nina Lucas), Sally Ann Matthews (Jenny Connor), Julia Goulding (Shona Platt) and Dolly-Rose Campbell (Gemma Winter) as they headed into London for the award ceremony.

Up for the soap and continuing drama category, Coronation Street and Casualty lost out to Hollyoaks, who picked up the award.

One of the judges said the soap ‘constantly finds new story areas and fresh, relevant narratives.’

Away from going out out, Tanisha has been keeping busy playing her character Asha.

After being caught up in a huge car crash last October, Asha continued to help girlfriend Nina following the hate crime attack.

Nina started experiencing severe anxiety attacks and even locked Asha in the café at one point, fearful something terrible would happen to her if she left Weatherfield to attend a university open day in Glasgow.

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