'Counting On': Fans Are Worried That Jill Duggar Isn't Enjoying Motherhood

Fans had long assumed that Jill Duggar would be the Duggardaughter to follow the closest in Michelle’s footsteps. Long-time viewers ofthe family’s reality shows, 19Kids and Counting and Counting On, picked Jill out as the goldenchild. Now, five years into marriage, the 28-year-old influencer has two youngchildren but doesn’t appear to be getting pregnant again anytime soon. Somefans believe that Jill is finding motherhood to be a bit more monotonous thanshe likely thought it would be.

Fans point to Jill’s Instagram as proof that she’s not enjoyingmotherhood

Jill is a pretty prolific Instagram poster. She sort-of hasto be. The influencercareer she’s developed appears to be the only source of income for her andher husband, Derick Dillard. Between the sponsored posts, fans have noticedthat the mother of two’s interactions with her children seem a bit stiff.

Redditusers strongly believe that Jill might not be enjoying motherhood, or, atthe very least, is finding it challenging. Fans note that if Jill is strugglingwith feelings of discontent, she would be unlikely to voice them. The Duggarfamily strongly believes in “keeping sweet.”

“Keeping sweet” is a common concept in ultra-religiouscommunities. The term means that a woman will remain unwavering in her loveand support, regardless of her feelings, at least in public. Michelle Duggarhas long stated that she and her husband, JimBob, adhere to the concept of praising each other publicly while correctingeach other in private.

Finances might play a role in Jill’ dissatisfaction

While Jill seems a bit worn down by the monotony of motherhood,there could be outside influences affecting her demeanor. It’s been confirmedthat Jill and Derick share a single car, leaving Jill likely stranded at homefor much of the day.

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??We had a wonderful 5yr. anniversary weekend in Branson, MO! We stayed at a bed and breakfast, then hung out at Silver Dollar City part of the time and saw our friends @southernraisedbandmusic perform. ? . . ?Derick surprised me with an amazing dinner (& lovely view!) @thekeetercenter at #collegeoftheozarks ? (highly recommend! Such a neat place! ??) #hardworku @sierrasaffle . . . ?Thanks @datingdivas for the fun games and ideas! If you don’t know about them, check them out!! They’ve got lots of fun, clean, date/marriage tips and ideas! ❤️ . . ?We ended our trip with a fun afternoon at the movies watching #toystory4 lol ? . . ????????Thanks @cldilla & Bawpaw for keeping the boys! . . (? Note: We are not recommending the Kama Sutra. We believe marriage is ordained by God and husbands and wives should filter everything they read and hear together through the lense of the Bible and not practice anything unbiblical. The little book pictured is a modern, smaller, cleaner, edited version that doesn’t focus on spiritual aspects, homosexual, or other extramarital relationships, and again, we don’t take everything in there either as the truth. It is always good to be aware and careful of what we allow into our minds, hearts and marriages. We’ve not read the actual Kama Sutra and only promote biblical marriage (i.e. between a man and woman who are married). We just wanted to clarify since there has been a lot of discussion after this post.❤️)

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She is also the sole breadwinner in her household, withDerick currently enrolled in law school. The financial burden combined with beingcooped up with two small children would take a toll on anyone, regardlessof how much they’ve been trained to think it’s their job to keep the house andraise the children.

Fans have asked the family about their finances in the past.Derickinsists that they simply budget appropriately to enjoy a comfortable life.Fans, however, are not buying it, and Jill may be starting to crack under the pressure.

Two rough deliveries may be the reason Jill and Derick aren’tadding to their family

Jill seemingly breezed through her pregnancies, but deliverywas an entirely different story. During her first delivery, Jill was rushed tothe hospital for anemergency c-section after she attempted a homebirth. Isreal arrived safelyinto the world, but the c-section seemingly thwarted Jill’s plans to birth herchildren at home.

When she became pregnant with her second child less than twoyears after Israel’s arrival, fans were concerned. According to BabyCenter, doctors recommend waiting around two years before trying to conceiveagain after a c-section.  In July 2017,the couple welcomed their second son, Samuel. Samuel’s delivery was similarly turbulent,and he required a lengthy stay in the NICU. Jill once again attempted a homebirth.

No further pregnancies have been announced.Rumors have swirled that Sam’s delivery may have rendered Jill incapable ofcarrying another pregnancy. Some fans, however, simply think the couple isdone having children after figuring out life with two toddlers isn’t exactly awalk in the park.

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