Daily Picks M Magazine May 5 – Saturday

Call the MidwifeCredit:



8.15pm, ABC

Not usually a drama that allows viewers to suffer too long when someone’s life hangs in the balance, whether it be a newborn or a sage sister, the 1960s British midwifery drama tonight culminates in an upsetting cliffhanger. There are several favourites who look set to go down, but the final scene will draw gasps from fans. Among the interwoven narratives is a chilling story of female morality standards that ought to remain in this era.

One Born Every Minute UKCredit:



8.30pm, Ten

For a different take on childbirth, but one no less emotionally charged, is this reliably dramatic observational documentary from a UK maternity ward. The stars tonight are a cheerful bunch, considering what they’re in for. There’s a tense moment of which anyone susceptible to triggers in this environment should be aware. Otherwise, it’s the usual scene of inappropriate expectant-dad jokes and tearoom banter among the adorable staff.

Ashton Kutcher voices a character in Open SeasonCredit:


Movie ***1/2

5.15pm, 7Flix

I defy any recreational game shooter to watch this 2006 animation and still take up arms against defenceless animals in the name of a good time. Ashton Kutcher (pictured) voices a plucky one-antlered deer that teams up with a domestic bear (Martin Lawrence) to save the woodland creatures. It’s a predictable David-and-Goliath battle but the dialogue is good and the all-star cast includes Billy Connolly, Gary Sinise and Debra Messing.

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