Daisy May Cooper 'will be high in demand' after lockdown thanks to social media

This Country legend Daisy May Cooper is set for a glistening career after lockdown, and it’s all thanks to her iconic social media presence.

The actress has kept the world entertained throughout quarantine with her incredible TikTok videos, rollercoaster Sea Captain saga, and hilarious conversations with her daughter Pip (aka Buckbeak), posting on Instagram almost daily.

Besides making us laugh with her hilarious content (remember when she recently compared herself to Rodney Trotter?), Daisy has also been real with her open letter about anxiety.

Daisy’s posts should set her up nicely once the pandemic is over, with Celebrity PR & Publicist Harry Rutter exclusively telling Metro.co.uk that she’s ‘doing all the right things to set herself up for more success.’

‘She is expanding her audience everyday using her large social media outlets and gaining new followers on a daily – not just fans of This Country,’ he told us.

‘Daisy has publicly spoken out about anxiety, a subject which is often kept quiet amongst celebs – this makes her relatable to so many and even more loved.’

Harry continued: ‘Her image is completely unfiltered and everyone loves it, people are so clearly fed up with a photoshopped air-brushed Instagram feed. Expanding her social media will do great things for her career, she already has half-a-million followers on Instagram which means she could charge more than £1,000 for a brand collab.

‘Most online celebrities of this level are heavily controlled by agents and their social media is very “clean-cut” – Daisy clearly posts what she wants and we’re all here for it.

‘Going from This Country to Celebrity Gogglebox was a fantastic move for Daisy and that alone would have already exposed her to brand new audience. I think her general image, the relatable unfiltered comic, will do great things for her future.’

Harry added: ‘Taking her comedy to social media could lead her into new acting roles, however, I’m not sure a serious role would suit the hilarious comic.

‘Although it’s not like it hasn’t been done before, her brother Charlie made the jump to a more serious drama role – Daisy could surprise us and do the same.

‘I think her large presence online will help her at future auditions as casters look for people who are going to bring an audience to their film/programme.

‘Daisy’s fans will definitely do this and will for sure tune into anything the This Country star performs in – her comedy is infectious. I do think she will be approached for future shows, she is a great character and very current right now.

‘I imagine she will be in high demand when lockdown eases.’

We can’t wait to see what Daisy does next.

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