Dan Walker makes BBC Breakfast nod as he debuts on 5 News: In a previous life

Dan Walker Channel 5 News start date is revealed

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Monday night saw Dan Walker make his Channel 5 News debut and left an outstanding impression on viewers. Dan left his role as presenter on BBC Breakfast last month after seven years with the broadcaster. During his debut, Dan spoke with MP for Great Yarmouth and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis and made a subtle nod to his previous job.

Dan was stood outside Downing Street in London ahead of Boris Johnson’s confidence vote on Monday evening.

Touching on how the discussions went and what the atmosphere was like inside the House of Commons, Dan asked Mr Lewis: “It is really good to get you on the programme.”

Referring to his previous stint on the BBC, Dan quipped: “In my previous life, I have spoken to you on many occasions when you have been firmly supporting the Prime Minister, what do you see in him that many of your fellow MP’s don’t?”

Mr Lewis explained: “Well, there is a couple of things actually, first of all, the Prime Minister is somebody who does connect with the public when you are out and about with him.

“People do connect with him, but I think also because working with him as Prime Minister, what I see is someone who has been absolutely laser-focused at all times on trying to deliver things and do the right thing to help the people in our country.

“Whether it’s through Covid and making the decisions around how we deal with it and how we come out of it, whether it has been about issues in Northern Ireland where he has focused on delivering for people or the issues coming out from the war in Ukraine.

“His focus is always on what are we doing that makes the lives of our constituents better.”

Touching on the atmosphere of the other MP’s, Brandon explained “there were cheers all the way through” and felt confident that Boris Johnson would win.

Watching his first broadcast on 5 News, viewers flooded to Twitter to give their praises and wish him further luck in his career.

Hugh Moan praised: “All the best at #5News. A nice, gentle start. Only a Prime Minister is under threat. Apart from that, ho-hum.”

@HHallis added: “#5News [email protected] great start to it nice and gentle Monday, enjoy and best of luck.”

@Poshbee1 said: “@mrdanwalker. Wishing you all the best, Dan starting your new job and new chapter on #5news.”

@JeanTho78182957 commented: “Don’t normally watch news @ 5 but turned over to see how you’re doing – and you’re doing great. Well done. Still miss you on BBC breakfast.” (sic)

Ahead of his debut, Dan took to his Twitter account and said: “First day of my new TV life tomorrow, and it will start in a very strange way… on @GMB.

“See you in the morning with @susannareid100 (thankfully not too early) and then at 5, on 5. PS I still love you @sallynugent.”

Speaking with Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley, Dan revealed: “I am still, you know what it is like when you change any job, I’m still adjusting to normal hours, I am still getting up occasionally in the middle of the night.”

Dan previously hosted BBC Breakfast for six years alongside Louise Minchin and Sally Nugent, although he did admit that the early hours were getting to him.

Talking to the Mirror, he explained: “I think getting up at three o’clock in the morning for six and a half years, definitely does sort of take its toll on your brain and your body.

“So even though I’ve managed to cope with four hours of sleep for a long time, I think I’m looking forward to a more regular sleeping and waking pattern.

“I’m going to stay overnight a couple of nights in London and do four days a week, but we will work it out, and hopefully, I’ll get to spend more time with my family. They are being very flexible.”

5 News airs everyday from 5pm on Channel 5.

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