Danielle Lloyd leaves hospital in Turkey with bloody drains coming out of her stomach after mystery surgery

DANIELLE Lloyd left hospital in Turkey with bloody drains coming out of her stomach after having mystery surgery.

The 35-year-old star shared a glimpse at the gory bulb as she lifted up her T-Shirt after stepping onto the clinic villa's balcony in Istanbul.

Danielle was dressed casually as she made a phone call in the sunshine, wearing an oversized yellow top, black leggings, and surgical socks.

The mother-of-four looked happy and relaxed despite the medical drains attached to her body – which are usually used after liposuction.

Earlier this week, Danielle took to Instagram to reveal that she was heading to the Comfort Zone Surgery in Turkey.

It is currently unknown what procedure she has had, but she featured on the clinic's social media page to promote the business.

In the clip, Danielle is beaming in a casual playsuit with stunning Turkish scenery behind her.

She shares: "I am Danielle Lloyd and I'm at the Comfort Zone villa.

"It is absolutely amazing here, as you can see, the sun and views.

"Everyone has really looked after me so well, the staff are amazing, the food is fantastic."

Danielle previously revealed that she almost died after undergoing a botched boob job, but refused to rule out getting more surgery in the future.

Opening up about her cosmetic surgery ordeal, the former WAG shared: "My breasts started to swell – they were literally the size of my head. I had a little nick on the side of my breast and it had got infected…

"I woke up in a pool of gunky blood – it was the most terrifying thing possible. They needed to get the implant out.

"I started to bleed to death and I needed a major blood transfusion. It was touch and go – I genuinely didn't know if I was going to make it."

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