‘Dark’ Season 2 Trailer: This Netflix Mystery Looks Ready to Get Even More Bizarre

Whenever you find yourself face to face with a swirling orb of indeterminate matter, it’s probably a big problem. Such is the lesson in the latest look at “Dark,” the Netflix mystery series returning for Season 2 later this month.

The German series became one of the platform’s biggest international hits, sparking plenty of speculation and unpacking about what exactly is powering this timeline-warping look at a handful of families’ intertwined fates. This latest tease has added to the menacing hazmat suit looks, doubling down on the dense mythology that ran through the series first 10 chapters.

There has always been danger lurking around every corner on “Dark,” but it’s right at the point in this preview of Season 2 when an axe gets buried between someone’s shoulder blades that it seems happiness might not exactly be an option for many people within this ever-expanding story. (Shovels are never a good sign on this show.)

It teases the return of some characters from the opening season, including a disconcerting priest with direct connections to the mysteries that are unfolding. Jonas (Louis Hofmann) is still unstuck in time, trying to figure out a way to go back to familiar territory. And, wouldn’t you know it, everyone’s favorite steampunk time travel device looks like it’s along for the ride again, too.

Series co-creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Fries have also returned for this season, with the former directing and the latter as co-writer. To parse through the various, dense webs of family trees at the heart of this unfolding saga, there are plenty of resources to serve as refreshers and reference materials (a few of them can be found here).

Watch the latest trailer for the show (including an awfully ominous collection of industrial-strength drums with who knows what inside) below:

“Dark” Season 2 premieres June 21 on Netflix.

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