Dr Hilary Jones calls for return of mask wearing amid Covid rise Immunity is waning

Covid-19: Dr Hilary calls for return of masks as cases rise

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Masks could return to crowded venues and public transport in a desperate effort to control the spread of soaring Covid cases. A recent spike in confirmed Coronavirus cases has prompted concern among the medical community, as the UK population is warned to exercise caution. Mask-wearing has been advised, alongside other Covid measures, by Dr Hilary Jones as he warned the current rate of infection could easily begin to rise further. He suggested those who are vaccinated are not removed from the renewed threat of coronavirus spread as he explained the nation’s “immunity is waning.”

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Jones said: “We’ve got a quarter of a million people becoming infected every day – that’s a lot of cases.

“That does translate into increased hospitalisations, particularly in the very elderly, not so much in deaths. 

“Actually, deaths have fallen which is good.

“We’re seeing a milder form of Covid, largely due to variants BA4 and BA5, which seem to be able to escape the immune system more readily than previous variants.”

Dr Jones suggested the new variant of covid is less susceptible to the protections provided by the vaccine, meaning even those who are fully boosted remain vulnerable.

He continued: “Previous vaccinations may not protect people and that immunity is waning anyway. 

“We’ve got a respiratory virus, very similar to the virus that we’ve had in the last two and a half years – we’re still in a pandemic. 

“This is going to become endemic, we’re going to have to live with this virus.”

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The Government has not yet introduced any new Covid measures to tackle the recent rise in confirmed cases and hospitalisations.

Despite the lack of official guidance, Dr Jones suggested the population should consider a return to wearing face coverings in public spaces as a preventative measure.

He said: “I don’t think we need mandatory precautions such as mask wearing and other lockdowns.

“I think what we do want is hand sanitisation to be routine and it’s sensible to give people the advice to wear a mask.”

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He suggested situations where mask wearing should be considered included “a crowded tube train” or any form of “unventilated closed space where there’s lots of people that you don’t know.”

Dr Jones added: “To me, in any viral respiratory situation, that seems sensible.”

The situation across the UK is certainly concerning as, in England alone, there has been a 34.2 percent increase in the number of patients hospitalised with Covid.

In recent days, the number of people testing positive for the virus across England has risen by 33.3 percent, putting the NHS under increasing pressure once more.

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