Drag Race's Miz Cracker gives Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski a makeover

Can you believe there’s the spirit of a gorgeous woman hiding inside Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski?

All it took to bring the buxom beauty out of the reality TV star was the glamorous touch of RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Miz Cracker (he previously got made up as Britney Spears for Lip Sync Battle), who filmed an adorable drag-makeover video with the Canadian heartthrob for the LGBTQ-focused media site titled them.

The video (above) sees Cracker applying heavy makeup to Porowski’s bare mug for his first-ever legitimate attempt at getting into drag. While Cracker paints his face, Porowski also discusses his experience coming out to his family and friends (and reveals he lost his virginity to a woman), social anxiety, his past relationships with men, and his fluid sexuality.

Next, celebrity designer Christian Cowan arrives to dress Antoni in some “pastel Powerpuff Girl” eleganza — a look Cracker tops off with a wavy wig and heart-shaped sunglasses.

“Oh my God. What?” Porowski — who later twirls around, feeling himself — says in disbelief upon viewing the look for the first time. “This hair… what the f—!”

Watch Porowski’s full drag transformation above.

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