E4 MAFS UKs Laura and Arthur split fears as anonymous letter causes carnage

Married at First Sight UK couple Laura Vaughan and Arthur Poremba are left questioning their future together at the next dinner party after receiving an anonymous letter from a mystery couple.

At the penultimate dinner party, which airs on E4 this evening (Wednesday, November 1), the group come together to reflect on their brief time apart during Partner Swap Week. However, festivities are soon put on pause with the arrival of the anonymous letters, leaving Arthur and Laura with a huge decision to make about the next step of their marriage.

When asked if Laura is what he wanted when he entered the experiment, Arthur tells the group: "She's a part of it. Is she perfect, no she's not. Am I perfect? No, I'm far from it myself." Things get even more awkward when the mystery sender of the letter asks if they can look into each others eyes and say they can see a future together.

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Arthur turns to Laura and asks: "Can you see a future with me?" and after a long pause, Laura replies: "We've talked about this. We know we want to give it ago but can you say the same?" Arthur responds: "Yes. Is that enough for you?" Laura says "it is" before adding: "You seem very direct" and Arthur hits back saying I'm just direct simple as that" leaving their fellow dinner guests to look on.

Earlier this week, the remaining couples took part in Partner Swap Week and Laura spent time time with Rozz Dalington's husband Thomas Kriaras. They went out for a meal and she expressed her concerns about whether Arthur will fit into her life outside of the experiment.

Laura told the cameras: "It feels really good to be back in Chelsea, I think Thomas is going to fit in well. I am a big foodie, I like going to out to nice places, but I think that's quite low on Arthur's priorities." During the meal, Thomas jokingly asked: "I've got to ask you, who fits in more? Me or Arthur?"

She responded: "I think, stereotypically, you fit in more than him. I'm kind of sat here thinking, this is what real life is going to be like, and how are Arthur and I going to cope?" Laura pointed out that she "worried" there are "differences" between her and Arthur that the rest of the group have "picked up on", which she has been "trying really hard not to see".

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While expressing this to Thomas, he delivered her a harsh truth: "Give it time. Don't worry about what other people think about your relationship. Maybe being back in Chelsea will help you do that." Fans will have to wait and see if Laura and Arthur will make it to the final vows or if they'll call it quits at the next commitment ceremony.

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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