EastEnders episode guide: Keanu left to die and crime shock for Linda

Crime is the order of the day in EastEnders next week, which isn’t exactly unusual.

As one person is left to die, another wrong ‘un’s fate is revealed.

The christening of Albie looks set to be a lovely affair for Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), but it is quickly de-railed by the police, who arrest Keanu.

Later, as Keanu gets a proposition from the cops, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) fears he has grassed.

In a violent showdown, Keanu is left in a bad day, with Sharon fearing that he is going to die.

Has Ravi killed again?

Meanwhile, it’s a turbulent week for Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) as she hears the result of Janine Butcher’s sentencing, which leaves her reeling.

Knocked, Linda is in an emotional mood, but can Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) step up and support her?

Monday May 1

On the morning of Albie’s christening, Ravi reminds Keanu that there’s big money on the table for the delivery job.

Keanu is conflicted until he gets his nose put out of joint by the flash present Martin and Zack have bought Albie. Keanu makes an excuse to slope off and meet them at the church.

Ravi gives him the details of the job and tells Keanu he’ll be transporting drugs in white goods. Delays make him late for the christening, so he parks outside and rushes into church.

During the christening, the van alarm goes off and Keanu rushes outside to check with Sharon in tow but the police are waiting and they arrest Keanu for intent to supply as Sharon reels

Jay has a big treat day planned for Lola in town, but she’s exhausted and he has to call the whole thing off when one of the undertakers lets them down at short notice.

Although tired Lola is relieved, Billy notices that Jay is doing too much and doesn’t have the time to make memories with Lola and he’s determined to take the pressure off Jay. 

Kim advises Denise to take control of the Jack situation to get him back. She rocks up at the Branning house as he and the kids are leaving and invites herself along to their escape room activity.

The family have a good time, but when they get home, the kids suggest Denise and Raymond should move back in.  

Alfie notices how down Linda is as Janine is being sentenced today. He tries to cheer her up with Coronation party talk, but she doesn’t want to know.

Alfie confides in Jean about Linda struggling, and she tells him it’s because the poor woman is serving a life sentence of her own without Mick. 

Tuesday May 2

With Keanu at the police station, Karen is demanding Sharon do something. Shell-shocked, Sharon eventually rings a solicitor while Karen insists to everyone that her son wouldn’t go near drugs.

Back at The Vic, Sharon and Karen both defend Keanu, and Ravi overhears and panics that things have gone wrong. Keanu finally calls Sharon and insists it’s not what it looks like.

DS Barnes offers Keanu a way out if he’s willing to rat on his bosses. Later, Keanu arrives back at the pub.

Ravi collars Keanu and demands to know if he grassed them up but Keanu swears he didn’t. After making a secretive phone call, Ravi catches up with Keanu and takes revenge.

Linda is shaken by Janine’s sentence. Alfie tries to console her, but Linda is consumed by her loss She breaks the bad news that she can’t face throwing the Coronation party, not without Mick. 

Sonia gets crossed wires with Reiss as he plans a big party that she thinks is for her birthday.

She’s thrilled that someone is making her feel so special, and she tells Kathy that she’s not been cared for like this for a long time but when Reiss returns and starts talking about the party, the penny drops that he meant to celebrate King Charles, not Sonia’s birthday.  

Billy enlists Ben’s help to stop Jay from going under. Between them, they arrange cover for him at Coker’s and the car lot. Jay’s overwhelmed when Ben explains what they’ve done and that he’ll still get full pay.

Later, Jay tells Lola that he’s now on compassionate leave, worried about how she’ll react but Lola is thrilled that they can have so many lovely times together. 

Wednesday May 3

Phil sees Keanu and calls an ambulance, just as distraught Sharon arrives. In the waiting room, Sharon shares her theory with Phil that Ravi did this but Phil isn’t convinced.

When Karen arrives, she tears into Sharon for forcing Keanu to turn to crime to keep up but Bernie counters that he’s mixed up in things none of them know about.

Nish sees a confrontation between Ravi and Sharon and realises his son is the attacker as Sharon threatens to report him to the police.

As Nish berates Ravi for putting himself in a position to be thrown back inside, the police arrive at Walford East.

Billy struggles to celebrate his birthday in the face of Lola’s tragically short life expectancy.

Meanwhile, Lola is trying to throw a surprise party for him at The Vic.

Honey is conflicted when Lola brings her in on the plan, knowing Billy can’t bring himself to feel happy. Later, Billy walks into The Vic to find all his friends waiting to surprise him.

Sonia is getting increasingly fed up with Reiss’ coronation party talk, especially when Rocky makes a big romantic gesture for Kathy. She confides in Rocky, who suggests she and Reiss need to get to know each other better.

Will Sonia finally tell Reiss that it’s her birthday on Saturday? Elsewhere, Linda continues to resist Alfie’s efforts to get her to throw a coronation party.  

Thursday May 4

Coronation fever has hit Walford, and Billy is at the centre of everything. He makes it his mission to convince Linda to host The Vic party and comes up with the idea of a ‘Royal Walkabout’ for the kids of Walford.

The Bakers take the idea and run with it, especially when Finlay finally gets Avery’s sportscar running.

However, he’s stunned when the car splutters and Meanwhile, Billy pulls at Linda’s heartstrings by making a beautiful gesture to include Mick in the coronation celebrations. Will it be enough to convince her to change her mind? 

Rocky clues Reiss in about why Sonia’s fed up with him, so he goes overboard to celebrate her birthday.

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