EastEnders fans blindsided as Jay lashes out at Callum over Lexi jibe

EastEnders fans were left blindsided after the latest visit to Walford, as Jay Brown was seen physically lashing out at Callum Highway, after being caught redhanded trying to get high.

As regular viewers will know, Jay has recently begun to get a taste for ketamine, after his new friend Nadine, a sex worker, gave him some in the hopes of lessening his grief, following the death of his wife Lola earlier this year.

Having already been caught out once by the police earlier this week, Jay spent the night in the cells before being released on a caution, however it hadn’t stopped Callum from being concerned about his friend’s wellbeing, especially as it could impact on Lola’s daughter, Lexi, who is currently in Jay’s care.

After it emerged that Callum was the one that had reported Jay and had him arrested, Jay was understandably less than impressed and urged Callum to mind his own business as it was nothing to do with him – something he did appear to reluctantly agree to, despite being a police officer.

However, as the episode progressed, Callum later came to find Jay at the car lot, where he was found to be in possession of a bag of ketamine, having scored another fix from Nadine.

Disgusted by his actions, Callum told Jay that perhaps Lexi would be better off without him after all, something which prompted an angry Jay to punch him, in scenes that shocked viewers at home.

Up until now, Jay had always been shown to be a caring and kind individual, with his sudden descent into a violent rage having already shown just how much his wife’s death had truly impacted him.

Fans at home were blindsided by the scenes, with several taking to social media to comment.

One fan wrote: “Well Callum kinda deserved that decking from Jay didn’t he?”

A second fan agreed adding:“Don’t blame Jay for having a go at Callum. Callum calling the police on Nadine was too risky. He should have spoke to Ben first rather then keeping secrets from Ben all the time.”

Before a third chimed in and commented: “Callum asked for that!!!!! He pushed it way too far with Jay."

A fourth fan however didn't share the sentiment as they commented: “I get that Jay’s grieving but there’s no need to take it out on Callum, who is only trying to help and was good and kind enough to give Jay a place to stay. Punching him, really?! Callum was absolutely right in everything he said. Jay needs help.”

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