EastEnders fans fume at Jean Slater as they fear Arthur will be left traumatised

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Fans of BBC's EastEnders were left gobsmacked after Jean Slater almost caused Arthur's death amid her mental health relapse.

The chirpy mother left viewers confused as her usual happy go lucky persona turned "cruel" in the latest episode of the long running soap.

In nail-biting scenes, Jean took her grandson Arthur to Walford station and made him stand at the edge of the platform.

While they were there, Jean explained to Arthur that his father Kush Kazemi was murdered by Gray Atkins.

But as the young boy stood close to the edge of the platform, a train quickly passed leaving him extremely vulnerable.

Luckily mother Stacey rushed to the rescue but she was appalled and disgusted by her mother's change in behaviour and how she almost risked her grandson's life.

Seeing the scene unfold, fans also shared their concern for Jean.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer penned: "Omg Jean is gunna traumatise poor Arthur."

Another wrote: "Omg that was a close with Arthur on the edge of the platform and a train came…Jean isn’t well at all."

A third concerned fan chimed: "This is proof Jean isn’t well, because she would never have done that."

"Nahh, Jean needs help. She let a kid go that close to a bl**dy train?" A fourth added.

Shocked that Jean almost injured her son, Stacey yelled at her mother but Jean wasn't at all phased by Stacey's anger and labelled her a "b***h.*

Martin Fowler who accompanied Stacey to the station reminded the market stall owner that her mother is not well and needs help mentally. But Stacey still appeared to be distraught.

Although Jean's pesona appeared to be erratic, fans at home were glad that the realities of a mental health relapse was shown on screen.

Jumping on Twitter again, one person shared: "I’m so glad #eastenders are highlighting mental health & relapse but seeing some of the stigmatising comments calling Jean 'mad' & 'lost the plot' is why these storylines have to be done, it shows how far we still have to go to accept mental health & decrease unfair judgment."

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