EastEnders fans heartbroken for Freddie Slater as he finds out about his father

EastEnders fans have had their hearts broken tonight as Freddie Slater found out the truth about his father Graham Foster. Freddie has made it his mission to find out who his father is in recent episodes, despite several members of his family urging him not to.

Freddie's mum Little Mo Mitchell and her family have always kept his identity a secret as Graham raped her. When Freddie arrived in the square, he thought that Billy Mitchell was his father due to him being married to Mo at the time.

However, that theory was soon ruled out, and as Freddie's friend Anna Knight searches for her mum, Freddie decided he would do the same. He made a major breakthrough in Tuesday's episode when young Tommy Moon overheard Kat Slater saying Graham's name and went to tell Freddie.

Once he had a name, Freddie found him on Google and worked out that he is a car salesperson. In a bid to come face to face with him with the help of his best friend Bobby Beale, Freddie arranged to look at a car that Graham was selling.

When Freddie went to meet Graham, he learnt he has sisters and arranged to see his dad again.

However, once Kat found out that Freddie had met him, she decided that now was the right time to tell him the truth. She sat Freddie down with the help of Alfie Moon and Billy and told Freddie exactly what happened to his mum in some heartbreaking scenes.

Viewers could see Freddie's world come crashing in around him, as the truth hit home about his father. Fans of the show watched the emotional scenes and shared their reactions on social media.

One upset viewer tweeted: "Poor Freddie, my heart breaks for him." While another added: "My heart just broke for poor Freddie, Bobby does play the part well. Jade would be so proud of him."

"Freddie's family telling Freddie about the night his mother Little Mo was R**** by Graham Foster. Freddie's world has been ripped apart. This is so horrible to watch. Crying my eyes out" said one upset viewer.

Someone else said on Twitter: "The ending scene of Freddie being told the truth about his dad Graham from Kat, Billy, and Alfie was so good but so sad. Really feel for Freddie."

One fan pleaded: "This ending, gosh kind of broke me, for the sake of Freddie, come on man bring back little Mo soon as. I mean seriously…. What does it take for that actress to return, oh my days, shocking."

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