EastEnders major health news, Emmerdale triple exit and 18 more soap spoilers

Ready for a brand new batch of soap spoilers? Assuming the answer is yes to that question then you’re in luck, as it’s that time of the week once again when Metro.co.uk looks ahead at what’s to come.

Next week is one of heightened emotions in the four main corners of soapland, with big discoveries and huge decisions aplenty, with some residents having a lot on their minds.

Kat Slater finds out about Alfie Moon’s recent health scare in EastEnders and she’s absolutely knocked for six, while Hollyoaks sees Peri Lomax on a mission to expose Rayne Royce, with interesting results.

More on that later.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Dev Alahlan uncover the truth about son Aadi’s relationship with Courtney, and three different Emmerdale residents consider departing the eponymous village.

It’s all going on, isn’t it? If you’re excited to find out more then we’re only too happy to oblige, with a first look at next week’s soaps in detail, with brand new spoilers, just for you.


Kat is horrified when she finds out that Tommy lashed out at Alfie and that he and Phil failed to notify her about it, but the bigger shock comes moments afterwards when Phil accidentally reveals Alfie’s cancer scare news.

Devastated, Kat insists on dropping everything and accompanying Alfie to the hospital to get his results on the day in question and, later, she rows with Phil over his deception.

A sleepless night courtesy of baby Charli leaves emotions running high at No. 31, with Stacey taking charge. Lily and Ricky, however, go out with baby Charli and Jack is horrified to find them clowning about, informing Stacey who drags mortified Lily home, as she continues to nit-pick her daughter’s parenting, much to Jean’s dismay.

Stacey then opens up to Jean, revealing why she’s being so protective of Lily, but Jean is quick to remind her that Theo is gone and the nightmare is over. When Stacey goes outside, however, she is horrified to find something waiting for her. But what – or who – is it?

Ravi suggests that he and Nugget move in with Chelsea and, after a heart-to-heart with Whitney, Chelsea decides to take him up on his offer, taking a chance on love, but Denise is horrified by the development, telling Ravi that her daughter will soon see through him. And with a laptop stolen in the subsequent showdown, is it only a matter of time before Ravi’s sins are exposed?

Coronation Street

Eliza rushes across the road after a row with Stu over her dad but she is knocked down by a car!

Stu and Dom trade insults at the hospital, with Eliza subsequently revealing that she wants to go live with her dad, which comes as a shock to both men, but things escalate further when Eliza runs off, with a police officer asking questions and Stu ultimately taken away in handcuffs after an unfortunate accident.

Paul receives a letter offering an appointment with the palliative nurse. He tries to make light of it, but Billy worries that he’s bottling up his feelings. Later in the week, Paul tells Billy about Shelly’s scam, but when he goes to her flat to put a stop to it, he trips and falls. Looking around, he cries out for help – but no-one is there.

Darren confides in Dev that he believes Courtney is having an affair, which Amy overhears, relaying the message to Aadi, who is later quizzed by Courtney and Darren on his ‘new girlfriend’.

When asked to describe this mystery girlfriend, Aadi brands her ‘beautiful, funny and intelligent’ and subsequently follows Courtney out of the bistro to share a kiss with her, but they’re caught by a stunned Dev, who cannot believe what he’s seen.


Cain receives a mystery text and asks Caleb if he’d like to get out of town for a bit, refraining from revealing the real reason to his loved ones, who are keeping a watchful eye on him. Moira, meanwhile, is left seething that Cain departed, despite her asking him not to.

Cathy is relieved when she’s diagnosed with PMDD but she’s subsequently left disappointed when she learns that her treatment is to manage her symptoms instead of an outright cure.

Her frustrations grow and she lashes out, nearly hitting Manpreet with a garden ornament before pushing Wendy to the ground. Bob tries to intervene, but he feels a twinge in his chest.

After much deliberation, Gabby insists on selling up and leaving the village behind, but is she really set to wave goodbye to Emmerdale?


Peri makes it her mission to track down Cheryl, Brent’s mum who has been targeting Rayne online, hoping to find something to use against the twisted influencer. Peri succeeds in her mission, talking to Cheryl, with shocking truths revealed which leaves her in serious danger.

With more secrets about Rayne’s shocking past coming to light, Peri’s life is on the line. Later in the week, a concerned Donna-Marie reveals to Romeo that she’s not had her regular check-in call from Peri. Will they work out that something is awry and manage to rescue Peri before it’s too late?

Cindy feels bad for Dave, who explains that he’s unsatisfied within his career, and therefore she surprises him by buying him his own van! How will Dave react to what she’s done?


Lydia struggles in Emmerdale (Picture: ITV)

  • Keanu receives an injunction from Lisa’s solicitor in EastEnders
  • Evelyn insists that Tyrone contact Fiz over Cassie in Coronation Street
  • Mack suggests that he and Chloe go on a date in Emmerdale
  • Felix returns home and wants to see Mercedes in Hollyoaks
  • Whitney makes a big decision in EastEnders
  • Dee-Dee is asked out by Joel in Coronation Street
  • Lydia struggles in the aftermath of the rape in Emmerdale
  • Romeo is branded a controlling boyfriend in Hollyoaks

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