EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter ‘killed’ as Ian Beale takes ultimate revenge

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Tonight’s EastEnders saw Max Branning (played by Jake Wood) demand his money for Walford East back but Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) admitted he didn’t have the cash yet. The pair were overheard by Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and she quickly took an interest in the trouble he was causing as she sought to find a way to help Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) get control over the pub.

After Sharon refused to make a move on Ian, he made life difficult for her at the Queen Vic.

She tried to get him to change his attitude by threatening to leave but Sharon’s backfired when Ian agreed to let her go.

Once Linda heard the news, she resolved to help Sharon get back in the Queen Vic and in control of the pub.

So, when she heard Max wasn’t too happy with Ian, she was keen to find out why.

Offering to get him a pint, Linda probed Max about why he was so low and demanding money.

“Is the restaurant in trouble? Only, Ian’s giving Sharon trouble about making more money and he seems desperate for cash,” Linda asked.

“He’s not got himself into trouble has he?”

Max replied: “Maybe I should have let Rainie take my half. I signed my half over to Ian so

Rainie couldn’t fleece me on the divorce.

“Now I want it back, he’s swerving me isn’t he. Weasel! He’s probably been up to no good with my money.

“You know sometimes it seems that geezer is desperate for me to kill him.”

Later Sharon could be heard on the phone to Linda before she made a chilling threat to Ian warning him to back off.

“See you’re still here then,” Ian muttered.

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Sharon hit back: “I ain’t going nowhere and you are going to stop treating me like dirt because I won’t sleep with you. That stops today.”

“I will speak to my employees how I see fit,” Ian replied. “This is my pub.”

Sharon smiled: “For how long? From what a little birdie just told me, it’s just a matter of time before Max finds out you’ve lost all his money.

“Now whatever trouble you’re in, I will give you the chance to deal with it. But you start treating me with the respect I deserve or I’ll tell Max and he can deal with you.”

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Ian looked terrified as he realised his secret had been uncovered and began to panic over what to do next.

The businessman is already responsible for Sharon’s son’s death, could he murder her friend too?

Ian will do anything to stop Max from finding out what he has done and right now, murder isn’t off the cards.

If he kills Linda, he could scare Sharon into staying quiet as she worries about leaving Alby with no family at all.

EastEnders continues Friday on BBC One at 8.30pm.

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