EastEnders star confirms huge discoveries for Anna amid Cindy Beale's return

Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) is set to take drastic action in upcoming EastEnders episodes as she remains determined to track down her missing mum, with huge discoveries in store.

Rose Knight disappeared from Anna’s life nine years ago, and the young woman has heard nothing from her mum ever since.

However, it recently came to light that Rose Knight never actually existed, leaving Anna determined to get to the truth.

Viewers will know now that Rose Knight is actually the iconic Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who took on anew identity after being put into witness protection in 1998, when her family believed her to have died in childbirth.

In upcoming episodes, Anna may be set to make a huge discovery as she goes to extreme lengths to hire a private investigator to track down her missing mother, completely unaware of the impact her return would have on the entire Square.

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‘Anna steals some cash from The Vic till because she’s so desperate,’ actress Molly Rainford revealed.

‘She’s been saving the money for a while and it got to a breaking point for Anna where she needed to find out.

‘With the money she has, Anna hires a private investigator to help her find, or at least get some information or explanation, about her mum. I think she’s very desperate at this point.’

When George Knight (Colin Salmon) realises where the missing money has really gone, he urges Anna to call off the search, leaving her torn.

‘I think Anna has a massive conflict between doing what’s right for her versus what’s right for her family,’ Molly explained.

‘She knows she will open some old wounds by doing this and she doesn’t want to hurt her dad by going against him. Anna is very happy with her family situation at the moment, she loves Elaine, so wouldn’t want to cause any harm in that relationship but she’s also at the age where she needs to know answers about her own identity.

‘By doing this though, she knows she’ll have to go against what her family wants but I think she has to be selfish in this moment.’

Ultimately, it is conversations with Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) that help to make up Anna’s mind, as Molly revealed.

‘Anna has a lot of conversations with Freddie and Bobby about finding people in their families and I think their curiosity to find their loved ones massively plays a part in Anna wanting to find her mum.

‘That idea of having nothing to lose, in the sense of if she doesn’t find her then she’s no worse off, but if she does, she’ll get more information about herself and her identity. I think that’s the thing that overrides it and persuades her to reach out to the investigator.’

Despite her determination, Molly reveals that Anna still feels guilty for going against her family, especially after dad George finds out.

‘She definitely feels guilty. Anna is selfless and I think this whole situation of trying to find her mum is quite out of character as she has never gone against her family before.

‘I think it just shows how important it is to her as she definitely feels so guilty because she knows what has happened in the past and what the family went through.

‘Anna feels really gutted as [disappointing George was] never what she intended. I don’t think she even wanted to tell them because if she didn’t find anything, or even if she did, she didn’t necessarily want them to go through it with her – she wanted to do it on her own to get the answers she needed rather than having to bring everyone in.

‘However, it was almost inevitable that someone was going to find out and not be happy it. I think it’s hard for her to see her dad and Gina’s disappointment in her because they are her support system.’

With Anna’s private investigator set to get a positive lead in his search, Molly teased what’s ahead for Anna.

‘A lot more curiosity, a lot more head versus heart conflict and hopefully some discoveries!’

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