EastEnders star reveals Denise's terror for Chelsea as 'dangerous' Ravi strikes

Well, Denise Fox’s (Diane Parish) liaison with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) in EastEnders was never going to be something she could just sweep under the carpet, was it?

The affair ended a few weeks ago, when Denise realised she’d rather spend her time with Jack (Scott Maslen) and their children instead of sneaking around with Ravi all the time, and let’s just say he didn’t exactly let Denise go easily.

Ravi is now in a relationship with Denise’s daughter, Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), something he’s only doing to annoy and make Denise jealous.

It’s certainly working but also, at the same time, Ravi and Chelsea are actually developing feelings for each other – which is causing problems for Denise.

‘I think she’s scared’, Diane Parish recently told us.

‘She’s scared at first that he’s going to do the same thing to Chelsea as he’s done with Denise – he’ll use her as leverage to get the information he needs. There’s a moment for Denise where she thinks “hold on, you like my daughter, don’t you?”I think she always knew that Chelsea was going to fall for him because she knows Chelsea’s type. She knows that Chelsea is very much like her in the sense that there is a magnetic draw and pull towards somebody who is slightly dangerous; somebody who poses a dangerous element and the excitement in that. It’s becoming a pattern and Denise can see ahead to what will happen.

‘Ravi is a malignment narcissist and he’s very good at seduction at the beginning – reeling you in, showering you with love, affection, romance and doing all these gestures for it to all go wrong later on. Denise is old enough and has spent long enough with Ravi to recognise it, so she’s naturally quite concerned about the relationship. Her head got turned but she did wake up and think “what am I doing and what am I throwing away?”.’

Following Kim’s (Tameka Empson) car crash – which only happened because she saw messages from Ravi on her sister’s phone – Denise’s world is falling apart.

‘She’s played with fire and now she’s getting burnt’, Diane explained to us so, desperate for this nightmare to be over, it’s no surprise Denise finds the confidence to confront Ravi about everything that’s gone on.

‘At the point of her confronting Ravi, she’s had a couple of moments where she’s been in control and double bluffed him thinking “go on then, tell Jack and my family, do your worst”. This time, so much has gone wrong – her sister and Denzel in the crash, Amy is clearly spiralling, and Jack is off the case.

‘Everything is falling apart around her and at this point he’s in control, but she just wants it to stop. She’s kind of on her knees here asking him to just stop.

‘She’s lost control and she knows she has.’

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