EastEnders theory: Harvey Monroe killed by Aarons enemies in front of vulnerable Jean

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Harvey (played by Ross Boatman) is the next target for Aaron’s (Charlie Wernham) former gang of thugs since the latter went to prison for planning to plant a bomb in Walford in a far-right attack. Since Aaron isn’t around, Neil (Thomas Coombes) has set his sights on Harvey as a means of getting revenge and assistance. The EastEnders villain attacked him and made threats, but when Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) proposed to Harvey, he was distracted from the concerning warning. As they attempt to plan their dream wedding, could Harvey be killed in front of his fiancée, who is suffering a mental health relapse?

Jean’s daughter Stacy Slater (Lacey Turner) has been worried about her mum for weeks.

Jean has been behaving uncharacteristically reckless and cruel, and her daughter recognises this as a potential bipolar relapse.

She has warned Harvey on several occasions that Jean needs help, but he won’t listen.

As he hasn’t known Jean for very long, Harvey won’t have picked up how strange her recent attitude is.

When she proposed, he seemed a bit taken aback but after a chat with Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), he decided to embrace life and said yes.

He seemed worried after saying yes though, and his mind was clearly on the intense warning he’d received the day before.

As he was waiting in his taxi, Neil jumped in and immediately threatened him.

“I heard what happened to Aaron,” Neil remarked after Harvey realised who he was.

“He’s coughing up blood and crying out for his dad,” Neil taunted.

“You leave my boy alone,” Harvey fumed as he turned around to face Neil. “He’s been through enough.”

Neil quickly grabbed Harvey by the throat and pulled back, asking: “What about what I’ve been through?”

He added: “Your boy was shooting his mouth off and now I can’t be trusted.

“I had to prove myself. Next week, you’re going to get a delivery – a phone, give it to Aaron when you visit.”

When Harvey refused, Neil warned: “If you ain’t with us, you’re in the way.

“It’s my job to get rid of obstacles,” he ominously added and at that point, an oblivious Jean interrupted.

Tuesday’s episode saw Harvey assessing the bruises around his neck as he pondered over Jean’s shock proposal.

Rocky (Brian Conley) convinced him to consider the offer, as did Shirley.

“You don’t want to be dragging out what’s happened,” Rocky argued.

He pointed out: “It’s funny, isn’t it? You spend so long looking for the right person, and when you find them, life just gets in the way.

“If you two have got a chance to be happy then put the past in the past.”

Shirley later became defensive over Jean while speaking to Harvey in The Vic, and warned him not to string her along.

After this, Harvey accepted Jean’s proposal and the pair embraced in a hug.

Harvey looked off into the distance though, seeming concerned about Neil.

He may think by making a fresh start with Jean, they could eventually move away from Neil and his gang.

This means he might ignore Neil’s request about the phone, but he could be putting himself in real danger.

Could he be killed by a vengeful Neil in a violent attack as was warned?

It’s possible Neil might come to Harvey’s home when Jean is there after he fails to deliver the phone.

With one warning already given, he might kill Harvey there and then.

With Jean already in a vulnerable mental state, how will she cope with the trauma?

It’s possible she will spiral further out of control, leaving Harvey’s daughter Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) to pick up the pieces.

EastEnders continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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