Emmerdale double exit sealed as Kim flees village after huge murder twist

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    Emmerdale fans were left utterly baffled after ITV bosses aired a surprise exit for a loveable character without warning in the wake of Craig Reed’s death.

    Over the past week, fans have been gripped to their screens, desperate to work out who killed Lydia Dingle’s rapist. Throughout the week, each member of the Dingle family shared their secrets to the group in order to work out who delivered the killing blow

    On Thursday night (November 2), fans learnt how Craig really died, after Sam Dingle confessed to the crime. He admitted that he had beaten him up, convinced he may have killed him.

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    But it later emerged that Kim Tate’s horse Ice had killed Craig after they found him wandering in a field near Home Farm. While pleading Kim for help, the rapist lunged for the reins and spooked the horse, who kicked him in the head with a fatal blow.

    Cain came across the scene and told Kim to leave him to die, which they did. But things took a turn for the worse on Friday (November 3) when the matriarch fled the village.

    Her exit was confirmed by her partner Will Taylor, just 24 hours after they decided to cover up the unfortunate death. Speaking with fan-favourite Eric Pollard, Will explained she had jetted off to Dubai.

    Eric was understandably surprised by her sudden trip so soon after her beloved horse escaped her stables, now wandering loose around the village. But Kim wasn't the only character who went AWOL throughout the episode.

    Later on in the episode, Lydia had stormed out of the house after struggling to deal with the truth about Craig's demise. Later on, detectives paid Sam a visit to discuss his whereabouts at the time of Craig's death.

    The nervous husband was desperately relying on his wife to confirm his flimsy alibi. But when she failed to show up, Sam was arrested for his murder.

    After watching the dramatic scenes unfold, fans flooded to Twitter to share their disappointment in Lydia and Kim online. One user penned: "'#Emmerdale Disappointed in Lydia for being a flake on Sam.

    "Sam has always supported Lydia yet when he needed her most she abandoned him." Another echoed: "It's a shame Lydia didn't support Sam a bit more like he did for her #Emmerdale."

    A third echoed: "Where the hell has Kim gone? #Emmerdale" as a fourth pointed out: "Kim didn't stick around, did she? #Emmerdale."

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