Emmerdale fans disgusted as April Windsors evil bully is unveiled as Cathy Hope

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Emmerdale fans were left disgusted on Monday night after April Windsor's "evil" bully was unveiled as Cathy Hope.

Only recently, April has been cruelly bullied with the online troll sending a sick meme of her late mother Donna and the terrified youngster even receiving a birthday card to her home address.

During the latest instalment, April was left shaken over the bully knowing where she lives and she received another vile message during her birthday party which said: "Hope you liked your birthday card lol."

To which she angrily replied with: "Why don't you just drop dead?"

April then showed Cathy the vile message and her response, to which she said: "You posted that? It's a bit full on April!"

As April stormed away from the table, a smirking Cathy then got her phone out and responded from the troll's account with: "Now everyone knows what you really are."

One person said: "Darn it’s been Cathy all along #Emmerdale."

A different soap watcher commented: "I knew it was Cathy!!!!!#Emmerdale

Another viewer exclaimed: "CATHY, HOW COULD YOU?! #Emmerdale."

A different fan put: "Knew it would be cathy!! #Emmerdale."

While another account added: "I hope that nasty Cathy gets dealt with in a nasty way. To do that to your own niece and mock your own dead sister. #Emmerdale."

It is not known why the youngster is bullying April and the latter is yet to discover that it is Cathy behind the online bullying.

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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