Emmerdale fans in tears over emotional funeral scenes including special Faith return

Emmerdale fans have been left in tears during tonight's episode showing Faith Dingle and Liv Flaherty’s funeral, as Faith made a shock return in an emotional flashback.

The flashback comes after the matriarch of the Dingle clan died in an emotional episode earlier this month as she took her own life while battling terminal breast cancer.

In a special funeral scene, it was revealed that Faith had arranged for her best friend Eric to read a note she had written to her friends and family, but while he was speaking actress Sally Dexter, who has played Faith Dingle since 2017, returned in a flashback showing the writing of the letter.

The scene, which had fans in tears saw Faith sitting down to write the words, saying: “I’ve not always been the best mum to my two.

"I get that from my mother, who got it from her evil old witch of a mother, who, probably got it from hers as well.

"But thankfully my two are the best parents a child could ever wish for. They broke the mould and I ain’t half proud of them for it. To my kids Cain and Chas, I salute you and I love you more than I can say.

"I’ve given a lot of thought about how I want you to remember me, I don’t want you to remember the cancer, I want you to remember me as me.

"Not what’s left at the end of a horrible fight I was never going to win. I hope you understand."

As the scene come to an end Faith broke the fourth wall, looking directly into the camera, saying her farewell to viewers alongside the character's family.

Fans were quick to take to social media to discuss the emotional funeral scenes as the episode aired, with one writing: "Faith’s final scene was so touching and that final glance to the viewer."

And another added: "Faith breaking the fourth wall cause she is a legend."

While a third fan wrote: "That was so well done. A final smile at the camera. God, I'm gonna miss Faith."

Other fans posted that they had been left in tears at the emotional joint Faith and Liv funeral scenes, with one posting: "Well, that's got the tears flowing."

A second wrote: "Wow that was hard to watch. Well done all, I've got tears streaming down my face, so beautifully done and very moving."


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