Emmerdale fans left reaching for the ‘sick bucket’ as Wendy and Bob enjoy racy scene

There was another eventful visit to Emmerdale on Friday, as days after suffering a life threatening heart attack, Bob Hope was once again keen to get back into girlfriend Wendy Posner’s good graces as he attempted to seduce her with a saucy night alone.

The couple, who were previously on the rocks following Wendy’s affair with village doctor Liam Cavanagh, decided to give their a relationship another chance following Bob’s recent health scare and had been making huge headway in re-establishing their previously stable relationship.

Having covered the emotional bases, Bob was keen to reconnect on a deeper level, and soon tricked Wendy into rushing home early to where he was waiting with a rose and a well laid plan to enjoy a romantic night together.

Informing his lover that everything was now in working order after previously admitting he suffered from erectile dysfunction, Bob insisted to a concerned Wendy that he was ready to resume their sex life.

Initially reluctant, Wendy soon agreed, and the couple looked set to get frisky at any moment, with Wendy immediately beginning to undress Bob in a scandalous moment.

However – just before scenes could take a more risqué turn, the couple were interrupted by the return of Bob’s children Heath and Cathy, who couldn’t help but feel both mortified and embarrassed by what they had very nearly witnessed.

Fans at home were also grateful for the interruption, as several viewers admitted they weren’t ready for such racy scenes to unfold so early in the evening.

One fan wrote: “Should have been a pre show warning regarding fake nurse Wendy & Bob”

While a second soon added: “As Bob and Wendy start total cringe moment … New warning symbol should appear on screen… Exploding volcano time again. If it works…"

Before a third commented: “FGS Bob, you've just had major heart surgery!”

A fourth then added: “Lol Cathy & Heath walking in on Bob and Wendy getting intimate.”

One fan even confessed that they had been left reaching for the sick bucket, as the comedic scenes left them far from impressed.

They wrote: “Bob getting intimate with Wendy pass me the sick bucket”

A second viewer also echoed the sentiment as they added: “Bob and Windy are quite revolting.”

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