Emmerdale fans rumble ‘destructive’ revenge streak as Charity beds Mackenzie

Just months after walking away from his new bride Charity Dingle to pursue a romance with Chloe Harris, doting dad Mackenzie Boyd succumbed to temptation once again on Wednesday evening’s visit to Emmerdale, as he and his ex embarked on a steamy reunion at her home.

Things all kicked off earlier this week, as Chloe and Mack struggled to find a venue for their infant son Reuben’s upcoming christening.

Knowing that the event was a huge milestone for the youngster after he nearly died earlier this year, Charity swallowed her bride and offered Chloe and Mack the Woolpack to host their event.

However in a cruel twist, Chloe laughed in Charity’s face believing it to be a joke and insisted she would find another venue.

Unfortunately for the new mum, she was unable to secure an alternative and sent her grovelling boyfriend to Charity in order to ask if the offer of a venue still stood.

During the meeting, which took place at Charity’s home, the emotional pub owner admitted that her son Moses missed spending time with Mackenzie, and had even been confused over the whole Chloe saga, after he asked if Reuben was his brother.

In a particularly poignant moment, Charity then confessed she missed the family they used to have together, before she and Mackenzie fell into each other’s arms to enjoy a steamy romp.

Immediately after the scenes had aired, fans raced to social media to share their thoughts on the reunion, with many fans convinced Charity was far from sincere and merely sleeping with her ex in order to get back at Chloe for ruining her other idyllic life.

“Charity begins her revenge by the looks of it,” penned one fan.

A second agreed, adding: “I hope Charity isnt genuine and will destroy both Mackenzie and Chloe and then get back with Vanessa.”

Before a third viewer weighed in and wrote: “Please be revenge! Please be revenge! Please be revenge!!!!”

A fourth then added: "Is Charity plotting? She had better be plotting. And not lost the plot. That's if this story line even has a plot."

There was also some concern given for Chloe herself, with a handful of fans also expressing their thoughts on how the young mum may react to the news that her boyfriend had cheated on her.

“Oh dear, Chloe is not going to be happy if/when she finds out,” wrote one fan.

Another then commented: “Chloe deserves it. She stole Mack from Charity first!”

Before a third added: “Oooooh! This is juicy. I hope Charity blabs at the christening.”

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