Emmerdale fans rumble identity of who Caleb and Cain are keeping hostage

Emmerdale fans were left on a huge cliffhanger after Friday's episode where Moira Dingle learned that Cain and his half-brother Caleb Miligan were keeping someone hostage in an abandoned farm.

Viewers learned earlier in the week that Cain and Caleb had locked someone in the farm house after making an excuse to leave the village in a hurry. The duo claimed that they were working on a car deal, but Moira suspected something more dodgy was going on and followed Cain out to the farmhouse.

Moira demanded answers and almost fell for one of Cain's lies before she heard a loud crash echo across the property.

Despite Cain's attempts to stop her, Moira charged into the property and unlocked the door before finding someone sitting on an old sofa with a hood up.

Without showing viewers the identity of the person, Moira said: "You?"

Although viewers now have to wait until next week to find out who exactly has been kept hostage in the farmhouse, many Emmerdale fans believe they have already figured it out.

One fan took to X, formally known as Twitter, and said: "Gotta be Adam Barton or Andy Sugden?? #emmerdale", while another added: "Bet you it's Adam? #emmerdale".

A third penned: "Why do I have the weirdest feelings it’s gonna be Moira’s son Adam", while another added: "OMG!!!!! Who is it? So it's someone who Moira knows".

"They are dragging this out the reveal of who’s tied up in the farmhouse. Moira know who it is. It better not be Nate’s mate from school. I hope it’s a returning character we didn’t expect! #Emmerdale ", another fan wrote.

This wasn't the only cliffhanger of the episode as Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd had a heated debate on whether they were going to tell Chloe Harris that they spent a night together.

Mackenzie managed to convince Charity not to say anything and that him and Chloe were going to move away to Scotland with their baby. Little did they know that someone overheard their whole conversation.

Viewers took to X to guess who might have overheard the conversation, as one wrote: "Chloe definitely heard that conversation between charity and Mack. #Emmerdale", while another said: "OMG Chloe heard every word I KNEW IT!!!!!".

A third added: "Chloe is probably in the toilets hearing every word of this conversation. Mack and Charity ain't exactly discreet. #Emmerdale ", while another said: "Mackenzie is such a manipulative coward, it's painful to watch! #emmerdale ".

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV

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