Emmerdale fans threaten to switch off TV as Meena launches kidnap scheme

Emmerdale fans were left threatening to 'switch off their TVs' on Thursday, as villain Meena Jutla continued to wreak havoc on the village.

It came as Meena's boyfriend David Metcalfe was attempting to work out childcare arrangements with Victoria Sugden, after both their kids were left without nursery places.

But a visibly jealous Meena insisted on looking after David's son Theo by herself – despite some furious parenting advice from Nicola in the shop.

And now viewers are predicting danger for Theo – and threatening to switch off their television sets, as the villain has gone 'too far'.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "@Emmerdale nope, giving up now! Been a fan for years but your writers have totally lost the mood of your viewers while carrying on with the Meena story […] depressing! Off to binge watch #Benidorm to cheer us up!"

Someone else penned: "Is it just me wants to turn off the TV? I'm allergic to Meena! How long can she get away with this??? #Emmerdale."

"David is petrified of Meena… this storyline is getting tedious to watch… why is he letting her be like she is?" a third fan moaned.

And another social media user penned: "I'm watching Emmerdale with nasty Meena, not too keen on this storyline though!" with an angry-faced emoji.

Fans aren't certain exactly who Meena's next victim will be, after she ruthlessly murdered teenager Leanna Cavanagh by tossing her off the humpback bridge.

The villain has been growing increasingly close to Leanna's grieving dad Liam, even going as far as to prescribe him sleeping tablets and giving him advice on moving on with his life after his daughter's tragic death.

But things weren't looking good for Theo, as Meena let herself into Victoria's house while she was watching both the boys. Victoria was left anxiously searching for Theo, telling pal Amy: "I've just gone upstairs to check on Harry, and Theo is gone!"

The girls were frantic to discover the gate had been left open, as Victoria screamed Theo's name in the street.

Fans are certain Victoria and David aren't free from the firing line either, with one suggesting: "#Emmerdale you could see those evil looks a mile away! Be scared, Victoria – be very scared!"

"I'd watch your back if I was you Victoria, Meena definitely doesn't like you!" someone else echoed, as a third fan warned: "Don't go for a walk over the bridge Victoria!"

But with Meena getting increasingly jealous of David's blossoming relationship with Vic, it looks like he too could be in danger from her evil tendencies.

"Could just imagine Meena if David dumps her, going all Glenn Close!" one fan quipped on Twitter.

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7pm on ITV.

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