Emmerdale fans work out Nickys link to Caleb Milligan

Emmerdale: Caleb catches Nicky and Gabby together

During Thursday night’s Emmerdale, Caleb Milligan (played by Will Ash) caught Nicky (Lewis Cope) and Gabby Thomas (Gabby Bentham) in an embrace. Despite trying to brush it off as nothing, Caleb told the duo he loved a bit of gossip and questioned what Kim Tate (Claire King) would have to say about it. However, when Nicky tried to stand up to Caleb, fans suggested his reaction gave away his connection to Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) brother.

As they tried to come up with an excuse, Gabby said: “He needed his shirt ironed.”

“Did you want something?” Nicky asked as Caleb hit back: ” Yeah. salacious gossip so, thank you.”

“You’re not going to tell Kim, are you?” Gabby asked.

Caleb said: “Well, she’s my business partner see and partnerships are all based on trust.”

“So you’re big on trust are you?” Nicky argued.

“Have you got any information that says different?” Caleb asked as Nicky retracted his statement: “Sorry, I really need this job.”

“Yeah, well, presumably you were aware of that before you creased your shirt,” Caleb pointed out.

Gabby proceeded to step in to remind Caleb she was a shareholder in Kim’s business.

“Look we are all adults and on top of that I am a shareholder in this operation,” Gabby told him.

“So whatever crumbs you’re wanting off Kim’s table, that’s my table too.”

“So I think you should bear that in mind,” Gabby warned as she asked: “So you’re going to keep your mouth shut, yeah?”

“I am all about the crumbs,” Caleb said as he walked away.

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Emmerdale fans took to Twitter in droves to share their thoughts on the scene, with many claiming Nicky dropped a huge clue about his connection to Caleb and his real identity when speaking about trust.

@EastieOaks shared: “Probably overthinking it but a good indicator there is that something is up with Caleb & Nicky is that Nicky has been in the show for months and strangely no last name??? thas has me thinking he is related to someone already in the village… me thinks Kim #Emmerdale. (sic)

@RyanTheSoapking theorised: ” You’re big on trust are you. What are you hiding Nicky? You may have given away there that you’re working with Caleb.”

While @MisTintehotbabe added: “Nicky and Caleb are working together some how I worked it out I don’t know what their end goal is but they are definitely working together.”

“Nicky is working with Caleb #emmerdale,” @tommufc9524 commented as @alexdavenport4 added: “Nicky and Caleb know each other don’t they? #emmerdale”

@mikepriestley13 went on to say: “I think Nicky is Caleb’s son… there won’t be no advantage to Caleb catching Nicky and gabby together. He won’t gain anything from telling Kim. Something is amiss here with them 2 fellas #Emmerdale.” (sic)

@DionPetrie pointed out: “That was weird what Nicky said to Caleb #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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