Emmerdale Fiona Wade says Priyas world is over after devastating burn injury

Emmerdale star Fiona Wade – best known for her portrayal of Priya Sharma in the Dales – has admitted that Priya's 'world is over' after she survived a devastating injury in super soap week.

Priya was one of the organisers of the survival week event which saw serial killer Meena Jutla brutally murder Andrea Tate.

When a fire started in the maize maze at the crux of the event, Priya found herself lost and desperate to escape, when a section of burning foliage fell on her back.

And it's clear her road to recovery will be a long one, as this week she receives the news that an infection in her wound will require an additional skin graft surgery.

Speaking to Daily Star and other publications, actress Fiona explained that Priya's world will never be the same.

"Priya has pushed everyone away. She's definitely isolated, and she's in shock – she's just feeling like her world is over," she admitted.

And the element of lacking control is what really leads to Priya's declining mental health.

"She's really out of control with everything," Fiona explained. "It's almost as if one day everything was going great, and the next her whole world has changed and I think that’s where she’s at."

Fiona elaborated: "It's like the stages of grief. Priya is pushing everyone away at the moment and she's angry at the situation – she doesn't really understand why this is happening to her."

She also added that Priya's brother Jai is afraid to tell her the full truth of what went on in the maze.

"When she does find out, she lashes out at everyone and thinks they're not being honest with her," Fiona explained.

"If it was up to Priya, she'd lock herself away for a while and not see anybody."

But Fiona admitted that due to the recovery process of dealing with her burns, Priya needs her family – and new beau Ellis – around her, though the course of love never runs smoothly in Emmerdale.

Fiona said Ellis is "holding a lot of guilt" over what happened in the maze.

"It’s one of those things where I think audiences will be like, 'Oh gosh!', as every time they go to come together, something happens.

"Priya's recovery is so difficult and all consuming for her, that I think she does want his support and she does really like him, and they’ve fallen for each other.

"But there’s this roadblock that has got in the way again, and they’re having crossed wires – and every time he goes to say something nice she takes it as, 'Maybe he doesn’t want to be there', or 'He’s just being nice for the sake of it'.

"It's really frustrating and really sad, and I think audiences will just be like, 'Are they gonna get together or not?!'"

And Priya's relationship with Ellis isn't the only dynamic that has shifted in the face of the survival week disaster, as Fiona teased an upcoming confrontation with villain Meena.

"If or when that happens, I think it’s going to be huge.

"Because in a way, Meena has been family to Priya – obviously with Manpreet being married to her dad, and them living together at one point.

"I think Priya’s quite wary of Meena, and she finds her a little strange. They’re not best friends or anything – but she would never imagine this, so I think it will be pretty devastating."

Emmerdale has been working closely with charity Changing Faces to treat Priya's storyline in an authentic and compassionate manner.

Changing Faces is the UK’s leading charity for everyone who has a scar, mark or condition that makes them look different. For advice or support see www.changingfaces.org.uk or call 0300 012 0275.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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