Emmerdale horror as Craig Reeds lifeless body is found by villagers home

Emmerdale: Craig gets arrested

On Friday’s instalment of Emmerdale, Craig Reed’s (played by Ben Addis) lifeless body is revealed, ITV soap spoilers have confirmed.

In the episode airing on Monday, a horrified Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) stares down at Craig’s bloodied body which he found on the fields at Kim Tate’s (Claire King) beloved Home Farm.

The Dingles gather together in The Woolpack and everyone is shocked when Craig’s victim Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) announces he’s dead.

The family starts to wonder what could have happened to the rapist, but Lydia is almost certain one of them is responsible for killing him.

In the knowledge Sam Dingle (James Hooton) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) tied Craig up in a remote barn, Lydia begins her investigation by focusing on their whereabouts.

In a series of flashbacks shown on the ITV soap, it is revealed what happened at the remote barn.

In an unmissable special week for Emmerdale, we focus on the soap’s most loved family, the Dingles, as Lydia attempts to find out who killed Craig,” producer Laura Shaw shared.

“Expertly and innovatively directed by Gary Williams, the infamous Woolpack becomes centre stage for the group of Dingles gathered to reveal their alibis… Or no alibi as the case may be!

“Stepping out of the usual Emmerdale style, a series of flashbacks will let the viewers in on the lies each person has told and the secrets they are hiding.

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“The week will truly keep everyone on the edge of their seats with each day more and more explosive secrets revealed that promise to have huge repercussions, shatter lives and cause fireworks in the Dingles bigger than ever seen before.”

Emmerdale fans will recall Lydia met Craig when they were living in a children’s home.

When he rocked up in Emmerdale earlier this year, they bonded over their past and visited their late baby’s grave.

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However, it soon transpired just how evil Craig was and he raped Lydia in their workplace.

She kept their attack a secret for weeks before finally opening up to her loved ones about the ordeal.

Did her husband Sam kill Craig to get revenge or was it village hardman Cain? Perhaps it was someone else altogether.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights on ITV and ITVX at 7.30pm.

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