Emmerdale Liv and Jacob romance, Sarah donor heartache and Juliette bombshell

It's going to be quite a tough week for some of the residents in the Dales, as Emmerdale spoilers unveil an unexpected bombshell and heartache for some.

Liv Flaherty is left heartbroken when she discovers that Vinny Dingle only wants to be friends and doesn't want to pursue anything romantic with her.

In order to get Vinny off her brain, Liv invites Jacob Gallagher round to her home. But will something romantic come from her unlikely invitation?

Sarah Sugden is also in turmoil when she finds out that her donor wants nothing to do with her. But how far will she go to gain contact?

Jimmy and Nicola King also have a huge bombshell on their hands when Juliette holiday reveals some life changing news.

Liv and Jacob romance?

Liv Flaherty has been drinking quite heavily over the last few weeks or so, but tells a concerned Aaron Dingle that she is able to quit the booze whenever she needs to.

Aaron is not the only person that notices that Liv's drinking has become fairly out of control. Mandy Dingle also feels unsettled by Liv and warns her to keep away from her son Vinny as he needs people around him that behave normal.

In a bid to get Liv out of the way, Mandy hides Vinny's phone and tells Liv that he blocked her. To make matters worse, she also tells Liv that Vinny will be going for drinks with Belle.

Later on, Liv spots Belle and Vinny together and decides to confront them. But Vinny is confused with Liv's accusations and quickly realises that his mother is behind it all.

Though Vinny fumes at his mother for her lies, he later tells Liv that nothing more can happen between them and they are better off as friends.

Heartbroken with the fact that Vinny wants nothing romantic from her, Liv arranges a date with a mystery person.

The next day, while eagerly awaiting her guest, Liv knocks back a shot of vodka for Dutch courage. Soon after Liv's guest arrives at her door and it's no other than Jacob Gallagher.

To make things comfortable for the pair of them, Liv suggests they watch a film as she continues to knock back the alcohol to try and erase the pain from Vinny.

But not long after, Jacob is astonished when Liv suggests they go upstairs, as she starts to slowly undress in front of him.

However, things take an unexpected turn for the worse when Aaron walks in and is mortified by what Liv was about to do.

In a fit of anger and rage, Aaron throws Liv out of their home. But will Liv find her way back into Jacob's arms?

Sarah's donor heartache

In 2018, Sarah was given the devastating news that she was suffering from heart failure and after a few initial problems, she thankfully was given a transplant.

Due to Sarah's recent distress her grandfather Cain Dingle thought it would be best to provide Sarah with the information regarding her donor.

Now that Sarah has the information to hand, she decides to look for the donor herself. But the young lass is crushed when she discovers that they don't want anything to do with her.

Soon after Noah Dingle realises that Sarah is trying other routes to track down the family of her donor.

Sarah begs Noah not to tell Charity about her investigation. Will Noah keep to his word?

Juliette bombshell

Nicola and Jimmy King will go through quite an ordeal in Dales next week as they fear for the wellbeing of their son Carl.

Carl's biological mum Juliette Holliday is planning to drop a bombshell that could possibly change all of their lives in the long run.

Later on, Jimmy and Nicola decide to break the news Carl but reassures him that he will always be wanted.

The next day though, Jimmy and Nicola struggle with Carl's behaviour and because of this, Nicola reluctantly tells Jimmy that he needs to move back into the family home.

Jimmy is hopeful that he can now move back in but will his joy be short lived?

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